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Top Healthcare Trends of 2015

THE TOP HEALTHCARE TRENDS OF 2015 THIS YEAR IN HEALTHCARE. HERE'S OUR GUIDE TO THE MAJOR TRENDS OF 2015. BIG CHANGES ARE HAPPENING GOING UP 25% The increase in number of insurers providing coverage via the ACA public health exchanges compared to 2014 20% 19% of our healthcare spending is on 1% of patients - those with chronic condi- tions who receive most of their care in hospitals. Costs and demand for care from our most expensive patients will only go up this year as Baby Boomers get older. 6.8% Projected rise in medical costs this year THE CARE SHORTAGE Number of Patients seeking care goes up Number of Full-time Physicians goes down 10 MILLION 44% Americans signed-up for health care in 2014. The number of newly insured will only increase in 2015 as the individual mandate penalties go into effect. of doctors are planning to cut back on their number of patients, work hours, and services offered, or even transition to non-clinician jobs. TELEHEALTH TAKES OF 2015 will bring an explosion of new telehealth care services. 90% 50% of healthcare providers are expanding their telehealth offerings of physicians said e-visits could replace over 10 percent of their in-office patient visits 84% of leaders in healthcare agree telemedicine is an important part of their organization's In 2015, Medicare will cover 7 new telehealth reimbursement codes for services like annual wellness visits and mental health consultations Success MHEALTH BRINGS DIY TO HEALTHCARE 86% of physicians agree mobile apps will be important for managing patient health over the next five years 123 81 67 47% doctors would be comfortable prescribing medication based on the results of a home urinalysis device 1 IN 5 consumers said he/she would be comfortable using the device ee PRIVAÇY VS. CONVENIENCE New mobile healthcare technology brings more convenience but raises questions about security of patient information 4.5 MILLION patients whose personal data was compromised when Community Health Systems was hacked in 2014 56% consumers said the privacy and security of their medical data would influence how much they tell their doctors about their conditions PHYSICIAN EXTENDERS PROVIDE MORE CARE 75% of patients are comfortable seeing a NP or PA for minor injuries and physicals 1 IN 3 doctors said extenders could manage over 50% of their patient interactions Doctors working with extenders report Better work-life balance More time with Better coordinated patients care At end of 2014, over half of states were considering legislation to expand clinical duties of extenders. IMPORTANT (DATES MEANINGFUL USE ICD-10 2015 OCT. 1. Eligible providers who don't attest will pay 1% Medicare penalty Sources: dustry-issues/assets/pwc-hri-top-healthcare-issues-2015.pdf sue-briefs/2014/jul/health-coverage-access-aca dation-releases-2015-physician-watch-list/ port-consumer-friendly-technology.jhtml health-makes-the-cut-for-medicare-coverage-next-year/ dustry-issues/assets/pwc-hri-top-healthcare-issues-2015.pdf Icons are from: Brought to you by: eVist TM

Top Healthcare Trends of 2015

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2015 is poised to be a year of transition in healthcare. ICD-10 rolls out in October, and more healthcare providers will need to optimize EHRs to comply with Meaningful Use, stage 2 requirements. The ...


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