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Top common exercises for home workout

COMMON EXERCISES FOR HOME WORKOUT 1 PRESS-UP - First, place your hands shoulder-width apart and keep your body straight from head to heels. - Then, lower your chest until it is about an inch from the ground. Drive up and extend your arms. 2 PLANK Plank exercise requires the press-up position but instead of using your hands, you rest on your forearms. Keep your back straight and stay still in this position until you feel a tense in the area around your abs and glutes. 3 DUMBBELL STANDING SHOULDER PRESS Lift the weights up above your head until your arms are fully ex- tending. Stand and hold 2 dumbbells at the shoulder height, keep your elbow in front of the bar. 4 LATERAL RAISE First, stand and hold Then lift out to the the dumbbell each side until it reaches hand. Straighten your legs and keep them at the your shoulder height. At this stage, both of your hands (and dumbbells) create a straight line. Pause for seconds and lower shoulder-width back to your side. 5 SQUAT In order to squat, you Then, slowly sit back to the squat until the dumbbells is approximately an inch from the door. Remember to hold a dumbbell each hand, straighten your legs and keep them at the shoulder-width. keep your knees over your toes at this point. Then, slowly stand straight back to the initial position. 6 BICEP CURL Start holding a dumbbell each hand, keep the upper arms stationary close to your armpit and keep your legs shoulder- width. Slowly curl the weights till the dumbbells are at the shoulder level. Keep your elbows still. In order to achieve the best result, keep your upper arms stationary and only move the lower area. 7 CARDIO WORKOUT Instead of concentrating on how many kilos they can lift, women should focus on the frequency and repetition of their workout. Skipping, running up and down the stairs or planking are amongst the most common home exercises for women. BROUGHT TO YOU BY THEFITNESSTRACKER.COM Full article:

Top common exercises for home workout

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Most people these days tend to choose the own home as a place to workout. It has been long time ago since people immediately think of the gym when hearing about building muscle and keeping fit. Truth ...


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