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Top 6 Foods To Avoid When Pregnant- Supported By Research

WHAT CAN'T YOU EAT WHEN PREGNANT? THE TOP 6 FOODS TO AVOID WORRYINGLY A REVIEW OF Q25 STUDIES FOUND RECEIVE ADEQUATE NUTRITION VEDUCATION DURING PREGNANCY These are the top 6 foods to avoid, supported by current research. •1. AVOID UNSOLICITED DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS FENUGREEK MORNING AFTER PILL Some natural Once used as Most supplements are supplements contain contraceptives, a modern safe, but always consult abortifacients, day example of an your dietitian or doctor | compounds that induce abortifacient is the first. abortion. Morning-After Pill. 2 AVOID FISH THAT ARE HIGH IN MERCURY, SUCH AS SHARK AND TUNA 12oz or 350g =1 SERVE Excessive mercury Fish that eat other fish Choose non-predatory exposure during are the largest source of fish like salmon and pregnancy is strongly mercury in the human sardines, and limit linked to developmental diet.. Regardless of their servings to once per problems for the infant. selenium content. week. 13: STEER CLEAR OF ALCOHOL AND LARGE AMOUNTS OF CAFFEINE Teratogenic substances can disrupt the development of an embryo or fetus. Well-known teratogens include: ALCOHOL COCAINE AND HIGH AMOUNTS OF МЕТHAMPHЕТАMINE CAFFEINE | Remember that caffeine is LIMIT COFFEE TO While you may be | a psychoactive substance; tolerant to that morning 350 ml PER one that crosses the coffee, your child is not. placenta to the baby. (12 oz) DAY LIMIT YOUR INTAKE OF DAIRY, PARTICULARLY COW'S MILK Cow's milk is more than A high cow's milk intake Enjoy milk in small just a nutrient for is linked with increased amounts, but don't mammals. Unlike meat fetus growth and increase intake just and fish, which are birthweight. This is because you're pregnant. structural proteins, cow's known medically as milk is a signalling Macrosomia and is not protein. ideal. AVOID RAW AND UNDERCOOKED ANIMAL PRODUCTS Uncooked food such as These have the potential raw sushi, raw eggs, and to foster harmful unpasteurised milk bacteria that can cross should be completely the placenta and harm avoided. the baby. SALMONELLA & LISTERIA 6. AVOID FOOD PRODUCTS HIGH IN ADDED SUGAR Excessive sugar intake during pregnancy can lead to insulin resistance and Gestational diabetes. DIABETIC MOTHER DIABETIC FATHER Children born to mothers with gestational diabetes have a greater risk of becoming obese or developing type 2 diabetes than children born to diabetic fathers. Eating for two certainly doesn't mean you should eat twice as much. But it does mean you should be twice as careful. ALL SCIENTIFIC REFERENCES VS iet isease More details and all scientific references can found in the original article at Research-Driven. Hype-Free. INFOGRAPHIC DESIGN BY: DENISE UYTIEPO

Top 6 Foods To Avoid When Pregnant- Supported By Research

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Most women do not receive adequate nutrition advice during pregnancy... Despite the fact the embryo depends entirely on the supply and availability of nutrients that come from the mother. These are t...


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