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Top 5 Gym Workout Mistakes

Top 5 Gym Workout Mistakes 1. No Griping Strength The stronger the grip, more will be the numbers of repetitions you can perform. To all the trainers, not to hand the dumbbells to your clients yourself and once their set is complete, do not put their dumbbells back. 2.Avoiding big lifts Big lifts means Deadlift, Bench press, and Squat. I believe that beginners initially don't have a lot strength and they generally find a comfort zone in working on their biceps and triceps too much for legs they might do leg extensions, etc. 3.Entering the gym while eating banana/bread Whenever you are coming to the gym for a workout, you need to pre- plan. It means that what you eat whether it is banana or oats or basically a pre-workout meal should be eaten at least 1 hour or 45 minutes before workout. 4.Using Weight They Cannot Command You tend to lift such heavyweight that your mind's connection with the muscle is lost. So when you workout, please make sure you select the weight which you can control and the weights are not controlling you as it can cause injuries and it won't be beneficial as well. 5.They don't perform the exercises with the full range of motion There are many benefits of doing full range of motion as well. • your muscles will have proper develpoment • your joints will get stronger • your mobility will increase • you will be less prone injuries

Top 5 Gym Workout Mistakes

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Top 5 Gym Workout Mistakes means small mistakes you make while working out as a beginner that you should be avoided if you want to achieve your goals.



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