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Top 14 Energy Boosting Foods

(TOP 14 ENERGY-BOOSTING FOODS (1) MELONS (2) KALE Melons like cantaloupe, honeydew, and watermelon pack a punch when it comes to energizing vitamins and minerals. In addition, as 90 percent of their weight comes from water, they fight fatigue by keeping you hydrated. Research has found that even mild dehydration can sap your energy and mood. Kale is considered one of the most powerful superfoods. High in vitamins and minerals, it's a great energy booster and key source of calcium. If you cook it, be sure to cook it well in oil and balsamic vinegar which ensures that all the energy producing vitamins and minerals are easily digest- ible and absorbed for use in the body. (3) LENTILS (4) NUTS Lentils are cheap, colorful and a fabulous staple for your kitchen. Unfortunately most of us don't eat nearly enough, and lentils happen to be a great energy booster. Try cook- ing some instead of pasta, and, rather than being sluggish, you're likely to feel like getting up and moving. Nuts are great when you're low on energy. Cashews, almonds and hazelnuts are loaded with magnesium, which plays a key role in converting sugar to energy. They're also packed with fiber to keep your blood sugar levels even and protein to stave off hunger. Carry a bag of mixed nuts with you while you're at work or on the go for energy all day long. (5) SESAME SEEDS (6) EDAMAME Sesame seeds contain a range of energy boosting benefits and can be added to almost anything. In ancient Babylo- nian times, women believed that mixing raw honey with sesame seeds would promote youth and longevity, and Roman soldiers often ate the mixture for strength and energy. Eating a healthy, balanced snack every three to four hours prevents dips in blood sugar that leave you feeling lethar- gic. Edamame is one of the best choices. Not only is it perfectly balanced with slowly digested fiber, complex carbs and healthy fat, it contains an incredible 16 grams of protein per cup for less than 200 calories. Plus, it's rich in magnesium and B vitamins that the body needs to convert carbs into energy. (7) CARDAMOM (8) SPINACH Found in curries, rice dishes, herbal teas, and breads, car- damom is the spice that gives chai tea its main flavor. In Asia, cardamom is valued for its ability to increase energy and promote blood flow by expanding small blood vessels. It's also believed to improve circulation, digestion, asthma, bronchitis and halitosis. It may even help improve a bad mood. It worked for Popeye and it can also work for you. Spinach is packed with iron which is a key component in red blood cells that fuel our muscles with oxygen for energy. It's best eaten raw in salads as cooking it can make the iron harder for the body to absorb. (9) DARK CHOCOLATE (10) COFFEE If you love chocolate, you'll be happen to know that dark chocolate in moderation is good for you. By choosing chocolate with at least 70% cacao, you'll not only get a dose of healthy antioxidants, but the natural stimulant theobromine. This compound is similar to caffeine, boost- ing your energy and your mood. Coffee is the most obvious answer. If you just don't have the energy to make it through the day, indulge in an extra cup of java. Studies have shown that coffee helps decrease the risk of depression, something that will quick- ly drain your energy. Researchers found that women who sipped two to three cups of caffeinated coffee each day were 15 percent less likely to suffer from depression than those who drank one or fewer per week. (11) GREEN TEA (12) ARTICHOKES If you don't want to turn to coffee, consider green tea. It's rich in L-theanine, an amino acid that makes you feel alert and invigorated without those jitters that some people get from coffee. L-theanine is also believed to help protect against energy-robbing illnesses like the common cold and the flu. If you find you're having a hard time making it up a flight of stairs, try eating more artichokes. They're rich in magne- sium, a mineral vital for more than 300 biochemical reac- tions in the body, including generating energy. If you're not getting enough magnesium, your muscles have to work harder to react and you tire more quickly. (13) ASPARAGUS (14) QUINOA Asparagus is loaded with B vitamins. B vitamins naturally support healthy energy levels by turning carbs into glu- cose, or fuel. They also contain plenty of blood sug- ar-steadying fiber. Quinoa is rich in complex carbohydrates and protein. This grain is highly nutritious and works to keep you full and energized well into your next meal. If you aren't sure how to eat it, try warm quinoa with raisins, almonds and cinna- mon, or add it to your favorite salad. Source :

Top 14 Energy Boosting Foods

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If you are health conscious and worried about your health then we suggest you to some energy boosting foods, have it and keep out your tiredness.


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