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Top 10 Tips For Anti-Aging

Top 10 Methods to Beat Aging Is your body getting you down? Is your immune system weaker than it used to be? Is your skin starting to sag? Maybe you should consider an anti-aging measure. Read our list of the best methods to combating aging and get ready for a healthier, younger, and more active you! #1 Glutathione Master Molecule $80 for a pack of patchesOst? CANCER This miracle anti-aging compound coordinates your immune system modulating the body's response to infection and foreign agents. It is the master anti-oxidant responsible for preventing cancer & arthritis as well as promoting youthful skin. The amount of Glutathione diminishes over time & is mostly gone by the age of 35. Replenishing this molecule is key to anti-aging therapy. #2 Facelift Why the long face? $6,000 to $25,000Dst? RISKS: Getting a facelift is a very common procedure. Excess skin is removed and tissues may be tightened up to eliminate lines or wrinkles. Infection Hair loss over incisions Fluid build-up Nerve damage #3 Sleep $187 per month for 30 day Go to bed! "CUst? supply of Lunesta 6.5-8 hrs. In one study, well-rested individuals were rated healthier & more attractive. better Everyon a good night's sleep, but feeling better isn't all it offers. Getting 6.5-8 hours of sleep each night promotes health, longevity & a better appearance. # 4 The Golden Rule Treat your body as you would like it to treat you. $2500-$10,000 or more for 1 week in-patient therapy Quitting unhealthy habits can improve your appearance and life expectancy. Stop smoking, eating cheap food, binge drinking, and television watching! #5 Exercise Get a move on! $250- $10000 for trainer, clothes and gym per month RISKS: 3 Injury Everybody should exercise 3-4 days a week but few actually do. Stay strong by improving your cardio, muscle strength & stamina! When it comes to staying young, working out is shown to beat genes at every turn! #6 Healthy Diet Eat enriching foods extra $100 per week for good food cost? Putting clean healthy food into your body will keep your body running smoothly and efficiently. The benefits of good eating habits are limitless. #7 Sunlight $10 for sunblockSt? Too much of a good thing? Though sunshine stimulates the production of vitamin D, UV rays destroy collagen and elastin which maintain elasticity of skin. Using a sunblock and avoiding prolonged exposure to sunlight can help to preserve youthful skin. #8 Hormones Keep them in check Varies depending on methods of treatment st? RISKS: Hormone treatment aims to replace the hormones lost with age. Estrogen replacement benefits women significantly. Increased risk of breast and endometrial cancer #9 Stress no cost! tost? Reduce the load! Stress and anxiety may damage telomeres that protect chromosomes. Practice positive thinking, get regular exercise, and visit loved ones. +6 In one study, those with healthy telomeres were seen to live 6 years longer #10 Indulge These indulgences cost less than $50 At least a bit... 85 Chocolates and red wines contain cancer-preventing antioxidants, Sex is thought to release helpful hormones that benefit mental health, and, of course, Number of calories burnt in a 30-minute sex session is a good source of exercise. From lifestyle changes to over-the-counter products, it's clear that a multitude of anti-aging techniques exist to keep you young. Get started today and give yourself the best gift of all: a long and fulfilling life! SOURCES b 530494.html

Top 10 Tips For Anti-Aging

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