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Toothy Travels through Dental History

TRAVELS TOOTHY through Dental History A TIMELINE OF TOOTH CARE First known dental treatments were performed 7000 BC In the Indus Valley, bow drills were used to treat tooth decay 5000 ВС Sumerians diagnosed "tooth worms" as cause of tooth pain In the 1700s, the "tooth worm" theory was disproved They mistook nerves for worms and pulled them out 600s The first bristle toothbrushes were made in China and used hog hairs Nylon is used today MIDDLE AGES Barbers doubled as dentists! Pulled teeth often hung in barber shops Tooth keys- precursors to forceps- were used 1685 First English-language dental textbook was written 1728 The Surgeon Dentist, the first modern dentistry book, was published Its author, Pierre Fauchard, is Techniques in this book are still in use today credited as the Father of Modern Dentistry 1840 Nitrous oxide and ether were used for sedation This college started DDS degrees and the American Dental Association Baltimore College of Dental Surgery was founded as the first dental college 1885 Mass toothbrush production started in the U.S. Composite fillings were invented 1907 1955 Novocain was introduced to U.S. market 1970 Electric 1957 High-speed drills toothbrushes hit the U.S. market were invented 1980S Dental implant r techniques evolved 2000 Invisalign braces were introduced WHY ADVANCED DENTAL CARE Is IMPOrtant: 91% Over 75% of people with heart disease have dental disease of American adults have gum disease-the top cause of tooth loss Between 2005-2008, 23% 16% had and untreated cavities of adults ages 20-64 of children ages 6-19 Provided by: UAD UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES IN DENTISTRY Sources: p:// com/dental-health-articles/tips-for-oral-hygiene.asp THE OPERATOR FOR TEETH BY CHARLES ALLEN

Toothy Travels through Dental History

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In the Middle Ages, barbers often also worked as dentists. Many barber shops were adorned with pulled teeth! Check out this infographic from University Associates in Dentistry to learn more about the...


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