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Too Good To Be True: Can Wine Help With Weight Loss?

TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE: Can Wine Help With Weight Loss? Don't believe everything you hear! One of the newest trends in weight loss has to do with drinking wine, but will it really help you lose weight? Find out if it's true, and learn more about other alcohol myths that might be keeping you from losing weight. 1. LET'S BE REAL. RED WINE WILL NOT HELP YOU LOSE WEIGHT Even though a recent study from Oregon State University found that the chemicals in dark red grapes used in some wines can help your liver, it's not a good "This study is not a new weight loss miracle, but it is a good reason to consider buying dark colored grapes when they're available at your local grocery store. Fresh fruits and vegetables are always a healthy choice, and this new study helps to prove that even more." enough reason to start drinking wine. - Krystle Sibenaller, Registered Dietician and Licensed Dietician /Nutritionist 2. ALCOHOL ACTUALLY MAKES YOU EAT MORE Drinking alcohol can actually make you more hungry according to a study in the National Library of Medicine. Plus, food sometimes just looks more appetizing when you drink. 3. DIABETICS NEED TO WATCH THEIR ALCOHOL Diabetics need to remember to eat if they are going to consume alcohol, and they also need to watch their blood glucose levels for up to 24 hours. 4. ALCOHOL HAS CALORIES! You may not want to believe it, but alcohol has calories just like other foods and drinks. There are actually seven calories in every gram of alcohol, which is higher than every other type of fuel you put in your body, except fat. DID YOU KNOW? Five fluid ounces of Merlot contains 122 calories. Five fluid ounces of Chardonnay has 123 calories. Take into account that one-and-a-half fluid ounces of vodka (or one shot) has 97 calories. There are 195 calories in one chocolate doughnut. One glass of wine is more than three-fifths of a doughnut. Concerned that you might not be losing weight the right way? Contact UnityPoint Health - Trinity Weight Management Specialists to talk with a provider about starting a healthy lifestyle today! UnityPoint Health Trinity

Too Good To Be True: Can Wine Help With Weight Loss?

shared by UnityPointHealt... on Jul 30
The newest trend in weight loss is wine, but is this really a good way to lose weight? Find out from UnityPoint Health - Trinity if wine really can help you lose weight.


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