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Tired? Stressed? Just Meditate!

THE HEALTH BENEFITS OF Meditation PAST DUE How to Achieve a Proper Meditative Pose The right hand placed in left hand, palms up, with the tips of the thumbs lifted and gently touching. Legs crossed in vajra posture. Shoulders level and relaxed. Eyes neither completely open nor completely closed. The back is straight but not tense. Elbows pointed out to Sit back on your sit bones to prevent slouching. let air circulate. The head is tipped forward with chin Mouth in natural position, but tongue should touch back of the upper teeth. *to prevent your mouth from drying out slightly tucked in. Black and White Meditation Breathe in through the nose. Imagine you are drawing bright, white light into your body. Fill your lungs completely. Imagine that white light is filling your body completely. Imagine your stress and negative thoughts as darkness. Push it all together into a black mass and exhale it out. Breathe out through your mouth. Empty your lungs completely. Keep breathing until all the black is gone, and your entire body is white. In through the nose, out through the mouth. The Benefits of Meditation Reduces stress Improved Immune System When under lots of stress, the body releases cortisol, a stress hormone. When sustained for long periods of time, cortisol can cause a variety of health problems Research has shown meditation increases antibodies and helps the immune system act faster Better Bone Density Lower Blood Pressure Prolonged Stress and cortisol production can weaken bone formation, which can lead to osteoporosis During meditation the body requires less oxygen, which means the heart can beat fewer beats and reduces blood pressure Regulates Blood Sugar Levels Reducing stress reduces the product of neurohormones, which can help balance glucose and insulin in the blood Fat Loss Cortisol causes fat gain around visceral organs, leading to health problems Increased Fertility Better Skin Cortisol causes collagen loss in the skin, which causes wrinkles! Better Memory Long-term cortisol exposure can damage the hippocampus and impair learning 10, 00: Just Meditate 10 Minutes of Meditation a Day can Keep the Doctor Away BROUGHT TO YOU BY: IN PARTNERSHIP WITH: GRYFFIN MEDIA

Tired? Stressed? Just Meditate!

shared by gryffin on Aug 15
Grab your yoga mat and plastic water bottle and take a seat! Use these meditative poses to relieve stress, pains, or just simply relax with a clear head.






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