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Tips for Mastering the Art of Sleep

TIPS FOR MASTERING THE ART OF SLEEP YOUR SLEEP SCHEDULE Your body maintains a sleep-wake cycle A consistent sleep schedule encourages better sleep Pick a time to go to bed and wake up Stick to your schedule, regardless of weekends YOUR BEDTIME ROUTINE A bedtime routine reinforces your body's sleep-wake cycle Routine provides your mind with cues that it's time to sleep Turn off all electronic devices Dim the lights Engage in a quiet activity, like soaking in a warm bath Consistently perform your routine each night YOUR MATTRESS Consider replacing your mattress Choose a style that's most comfortable for you Ensure your mattress provides proper support for your back and neck Consider premium mattress brands like TempurPedic, iComfort, and BeautyRest YOUR BEDROOM Hang blackout curtains to minimize light Keep the temperature between 60° and 75° Fahrenheit Maintain a comfortable level of humidity Use a white noise machine YOUR LIFESTYLE Maintain a healthy diet Avoid large meals close to bedtime Avoid caffeine and nicotine close to bedtime XXX Abstain from or limit alcohol use-it disrupts sleep patterns Engage in moderate to intense exercise in the morning Try stretching before bedtime Avoid napping-it disrupts sleep patterns SOURCES: provided by Mancini's SLEEPWORLD Simply the Best Place to Ruy a Matrens

Tips for Mastering the Art of Sleep

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The body maintains a sleep-wake cycle. Keeping a consistent sleep schedule encourages better sleep that helps people feel more alert and awake during the day. Take a look at this infographic from a Ba...


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