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Tips for Getting Rid of Mice - and Preventing Their Return

HOW TO GET MICE TO MOVE OUT & STAY OUT! DEAR MOUSE, TIME 2 GO The MOUSE PROBLEM has been plaguing humans since the beginning of time. Mice consume and contaminate billions of dollars of crops and food, damage buildings and spread disease everywhere they go (which is literally just about everywhere). Plus, they bite! If you have mice setting up home in your house, here are tips for getting (and keeping) them out: KEEP YOUR HOUSE CLEAN Don't leave food setting out. Keep trash and recyclable container lids secured. Pick up pet food bowls and remove or relocate bird feeders. Clean sinks, appliances, counters & spills. Store food (and pet food) in sealable cans, jars, plastic containers, etc. GET RID OF CLUTTER & JUNK, BOTH IN & AROUND YOUR HOUSE OLD BOOKS Store boxes at least 1 foot off ground and 1 foot away from the wall. Keep lawn and weeds mowed. Don't stack firewood near house. (LOTHES KEEP DOORS CLOSED & SCREENS ON WINDOWS MICE (AN ENTER VIA A DIME-SIZED HOLE. Stuff stainless steel scouring pad in exterior cracks, holes and unused vents that are SIGN OF MOUSE PROBLEM: FECES ABOUT V4" WITH POINTED ENDS. bigger than your little finger. USE MOUSE TRAPS (ORRECTLY Traps are less dangerous than baits and mice won't die (and stink) in hidden places. Bacon, peanut butter, M&M's®, gum drops or fruit are good bait. Secure bait with thread or twist tie, if needed. A cotton ball (a favorite mouse nesting material) tied to the trap trigger, also works well as bait. Place traps vertical to wall (so they snap towards wall) in areas where droppings and mouse chewing are present. To make cleanup quick and easy (after a snap), place traps in small, cardboard box with holes cut in both wall corners. For extra effectiveness, set pairs of traps, as shown above. Since each female can have 50 babies a year, set out plenty of traps so you gain control of the infestation quickly. If mouse infestation is really bad, get a multiple-catch trap (holds 12 or more mice) such as Tin Cat® or Ketch-All® or consult with a pest control service. With live, catch-and-release traps, mice are likely to return. Glue boards are effective, but less humane (our experience). MICE LOVE TO CHEW ON ELECTRICAL WIRING. MICE ARE MOST APT TO MOVE INDOORS IN AUTUMN, WHEN NIGHTS START GETTING (OLD OUTDOORS. RESOURCES (accessed April 15, 2015): FOR OTHER WELLNESS TIPS Alabama Health AND INFORMATION, VISIT .com © 2015

Tips for Getting Rid of Mice - and Preventing Their Return

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Mice are tiny and cute but they can cause a world of destruction. They destroy buildings, contaminate food and spread disease and parasites everywhere they go... which is just about everywhere. Un...




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