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Tips For Getting A Better Nights Sleep

Tips for Getting a Better Night's Sleep Does this sound familiar? • You find yourself wide awake in the wee hours of the morning because of something...maybe it is the dog wanting to go outside, maybe it is because you need to use the bathroom, maybe you find your stomach growling...but whatever the reason, after you satisfy the need that woke you, you find your self tossing and turning for hours before you are able to fall back asleep. • Even though you were up late the night before, you find yourself wide away before your alarm begins buzzing...feeling like you are running on fumes. • You seem to get enough sleep, but you don't sleep well, you wake up groggy and feel tired all day. Regardless of what is happening, chances are there's a physical problem (or more than one) that is at the root of it. The good news is that that also means there's likely a solution. Check out these common culprits and learn how to manage them: Keep the room dark, If you can't fall asleep, try a quiet, Don't turn Avoid liquids Minimize all on the TV or computer. These culprits before bed stressors and (particularly tea, coffee and soda.) even when distractions. you wake up. Consider keeping an eye-mask or earplugs nearby to minimize all Try to reserve your bedroom only for sleeping and sex. relaxation can re-engage exercise. your mind and keep you awake longer. And don't eat when you wake up unless you really are hungry. Relaxing methodically and deliberately can help you noise and light. relieve stress and fall asleep more easily. lift. caregiving

Tips For Getting A Better Nights Sleep

shared by bigoak on Nov 23
This infographics share several ways you can have a better nights sleep. Getting enough sleep is important for your general health.


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