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Tips for Battling Dry Skin This Winter

TIPS FOR BATTLING DRY SKIN THIS WINTER VISIT YOUR DERMATOLOGIST Have an expert evaluate your skin so you know just what you need A doctor can give you advice on the best skin care products for you You'll learn if your current skin care regimen needs improving BOOST YOUR MOISTURIZER Dry winter skin may need a heavier moisturizer Most importantly, use your moisturizer as frequently as possible You'll want a different moisturizer for your face than the rest of your skin WEAR SUNSCREEN The sun is 80% stronger when it reflects back off of snow Clouds still let 80% of UV rays through, which can lead to skin damage Apply sunscreen to any exposed skin 30 minutes before you go outside USE A HUMIDIFIER Your home and office may be full of warm, dry air Set up a few humidifiers throughout your house for best results More moisture in the air helps your skin stay soft and hydrated THINK WARM, NOT HOT Avoid scaking in very hot baths or taking very hot showers Hot water strips your skin of its natural moisture and oils Take shorter showers with warm water instead of hot Avoid harsh soaps or overuse of soaps (a little goes a long way) PROTECT YOUR HANDS The skin on your hands is especially susceptible to drying out Put on gloves made of a soft material when you go outside Remove wet gloves as soon as you can to prevent irritation PROVIDED BY: COSMETIC SURGERY AND DERMATOLOGY WWW.COSMETICSURGERYANDDERMATOLOGYCHICAGO.COM SOURCES: http://health http://www.sunawareorg/2013/0V07ldont-omit-winter-sun-protection/

Tips for Battling Dry Skin This Winter

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Hot water strips the skin of its natural moisture and oils. That is why it is a good idea to skip hot baths and showers and choose warmer ones. See other ways to keep your skin healthy during the wint...


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