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A Timeline Of Opiate Withdrawal Infographic

A Timeline Of Opiate withdrawal INFOGRAPHIC STAGE ONE ONE ShOrtest, but Hthe most difficult phase SYMPTOMS BEGIN: 3 -8 HOURS 1-3 DAYS The first stage lasts between Sweating three to five days. These are the most difficult days to Muscle Pain get through and also where most relapses tend to Diarrhea Occur. The onset of first-stage symptoms will vary depending on the type of opiate used. Severe opiates, such as heroin, will cause symptoms quicker than less severe opiates such as methadone. MILD SEVERE 4. 00 HYDROCODONE FENTANYL CODEINE MORPH IEΕ STAGE TWO The uNcomfoRtable phase SYMPTOMS BEGIN: 3 1 - 2 WEEKS After working your Goosebumps way through the first stage, your body will have regained much of its natural balance. It should start naturally creating endorphins, which will stabilize your Sudden Chills Vomiting Abdominal mood. Cramping The worst of the pain should be over by this stage, though not completely gone. Eating and keeping solid food down will still be difficult, but it is very to eat in order to stay nourished. IS COMΜON Τ0 STILL EXPERIENCE : Continued Depression Leg Cramps Less Severe Fever Fear & Paranoia © Clammy Hands Dilated Pupils STAGE THREE LONgest, but least severe phase 12 SYMPTOMS BEGIN: 2 - 6 MONTHS 6 This stage is the least severe, but it still causes mental and Anxiety psychological problems, such as anxiety and insomnia. These symptoms can last as long as two months, a lengthy period that often makes the third stage Nausea Insomnia the most difficult for many people. Rehabilitation care during this stage often focuses on aftercare procedures, such as getting acclimated to a return to your everyday activities, continued therapy sesssions, and learning how to avoid relapses. 12 HALF LIFE(HRS) 0XYCODONE NION3H METHADONE HYDROMORPHONE MEPERIDINE 12

A Timeline Of Opiate Withdrawal Infographic

shared by rehabcenter on Feb 10
There are three distinct stages of opiate withdrawal, with the most uncomfortable occurring over the first three to five days of being off opiates. The severity of the first stage is the primary influ...


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