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Thyroid Cancer: The Facts

CANC ERE FACTS A definitive cause of thyroid cancer is not known. However, researchers have identified pre- dominant risk factors which are: Being exposed to high levels of radiation Low iodine intake. Age 40 or above Female Having a family history of thyroid cancer or goiters Risk factors do not cause cancer. They only indi- cate commonalities among cancer patients that seem to be present in a significant number of patients with cancer and might indicate that the chance of getting thyroid cancer is greater if you have the risk factors listed. As an example, look at risk factors of exposure to radiation and being older than age 40. Doctors used to treat acne and enlarged tonsils by using very high dose x-rays. This occurred during the time perlod from the Superior Thy- roid Artery Larynx THYROID GLAND 1920s to the 1950s. You now have a direct correla- tion to patients over 40 years of age, high dose radiation and thyroid cancer. Isthmus- Common carotid artery Trachea Interior Thyroid artery The thyroid gland is a small gland found at the base of the neck. The weight of the thyroid is only about 20 grams. The thy- roid regulates all body functions by secreting two types of hormones that cause the body to grow and develop as well as metabolize food. Over 200 milion people in the world have some form or another of thyroid disease. Most thyroid diseases are treatable. The various thyroid diseases fall into two categories: hyperthyroidism, or over active thyroid; and hypothyroid- ism, or underactive thyroid. Symptoms of each of the two conditions are: EXTOTEYlRODISM tive Hnder layroi Weak/slow heartbeat Fatigue and muscle weakness Always feeling cold Dry skin that feels thicker than normal Poor memory and slow thinking ability Constipation Goiter development HYPERTHYROIDISM Averactive thyroid Rapid heartbeat Tremors Muscle weakness Weight loss without dieting Anxiety and restles sness Trouble sleeping Heavy sweating and always feeling hot Goiter development Diarrhoea Symptoms such as those listed indicate a problem with the thyroid function and should be further investigated. Some- times nodules will form on the thyroid gland which may or may not be cancerous. After a thorough diagnostic investiga- tion and it is determined that the noduie(s) present aré cancerous, the following thyrold cancer facts will aid in decisions on treatment options and prognosis: There are four types of thyroid cancer: papil- lary, follicular, medullary and anaplastic. Thyroid cancer is the most common endo- crine cancer American Cancer Society estimated that there would be over 48,000 new cases of thyroid cancer diagnosed in 2011 Most thyroid cancer can be easily treated if diagnosed early enough Treatment for thyroid cancer includes varia- tions or combinations of. surgery, radioac- tive iodine treatment, external beam radia- tion, and chemotherapy Prognosis is excellent in most cases, but there is a 30 percent chance of reoccur- rence, The most aggressive thyroid cancer is the anaplastic cancer, but if only occurs in 1-2 percent of the cancer cases The most common thyroid cancer treatment is surgery. A lobectomy removes the lobe of the thyrold that is affected; near-total thy- roidectomy removes all but a small portion of the thyroid; and total thyroidectomy removes all the thyroid Chemotherapy is the use of strong drugs to kill cancer cells. Chemotherapy is systemic so it will also treat any cancer cells that have traveled beyond the thyroid. The highest rate of thyroid cancer is found in Asian/Pacific Islander females. The rate is 16.4 out of 100,000 women High energy X-rays are used as radiation treatment to shrink tumors and to kill cancer cells One out of 104 people will be diagnosed with thyroid cancer in their lifetime. (http:/ 23 percent of men will develop cancer between their 50oth and 80th birthdays. 56 percent of women will during the same span of time. Thyroid cancer accounts for one percent of all cancers diagnosed. Source: http:/ html http://www.seer,cancer gov/statfacts html ww.BeautySecrets-R 40 Он

Thyroid Cancer: The Facts

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A definitive cause of thyroid cancer is not known. However, researchers have identified pre-dominant risk factors that contributes to having thyroid cancer.


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