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Through Thick and Thin

THROUGH THICK and THIN FITNESS CAMPS VS. FAD DIETING (500-Calorie) Losing weight is tough. Diets promise immediate results. But those who have tried know that staying thin requires more than the latest fad. Fitness camp 20 pounds of Fat = 140 Hamburgers participants experience success not because they are more committed or have more willpower than their dieting counterparts. It's because they are in a controlled environment. Obesity in America Leanest State Colorado Percentage of Obese Population 33.8 percent 19.1 percent Fattest State Mississippi High Med Low Fitness Note: Only 35 percent of Americans over the age of 18 engage in regular leisure time physical activity. 25% Sitting is Killing You With television and computers people sit about are 64 percent more likely to die More than 25 percent 3 hours per day and of Americans eat fast from heart disease. food every day. Begin Your Weight Loss Journey 15x As opposed to dieting on your own, professional trainers say you are at least 15 times more likely to achieve your weight loss goals in a controlled environment like a fitness camp. There is no substitute for structure and focus. Without distractions, group members encourage each other and healthily compete as they lose 40, 50, even 60 pounds in a few weeks. More Success FITNESS CAMP A customized plan sets realistic goals and stresses the importance of exercise and physical activity. FAD DIETING Promises quick weight loss without emphasizing exercise. Tells you that you can lose weight without physical activity. Goals World class trainers and nutritionists keep participants focused on shedding pounds so they will not fail. Without a trainer with knowledge about nutrition, it is difficult to lose weight in a healthy way. Staff Personalized plan includes a variety of healthy foods, a supervised training regimen and 24-hour support. You must eat specialized diet foods and limit your ability to choose from lots of healthy options. Plan After-care coaching means camp graduates return to their every-day lives feeling accountable to establish a new healthy, sustainable lifestyle. With the emphasis only on initial weight loss little attention is paid to staying healthy for the long run. After Feel Better About Yourself Improve Your Mental State Increased physical activity stimulates a release of endorphins and other chemicals within the body that increases your sense of well being. Combat Chronic Disease Regular exercise helps you to prevent or even reverse many chronic diseases including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis and cancer. Get Better Sleep Being more active improves your ability to get quality rest. Those who exercise regularly report better quality sleep. Improve Your Sex Life Exercise has been shown to improve self esteem. If you feel better about yourself you will likely be more interested in your partner. Losing 10 Ibs. relieves 30 to 50 Ibs. of stress on your joints. Exercise Adds Years to Your Life 4 Highly Active Moderately Active Men Women PREMIER 888-488-8936 FITNESS CAMP Number of Additional Years

Through Thick and Thin

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Premier Fitness Camp used “Through Thick and Thin” as a unique approach towards addressing healthy habits. This graphic effectively educated and encouraged others to enroll in the Premier Fitness Camp.


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