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Texas Allergies Infographic

Fighting Texas Fall Allergens -with Profesional Cleaning As the winter months approach, so does the onset of "cedar fever" season, and some of the worst seasonal allergies in the country. Many people fail to realize that the- home can be just as much of a hotbed for airborne allergens and seasonal irritants as the great outdoors, but there are steps that can be taken to lessen these problems. 24 TO 40 MILLION =12% AMERICANS suffer from airborne of the current U.S. population (Aprax) allergies US Population 2012. 314569.000 And is bigger than the population of Australia $7BILLION $71 Estimated cost of allergy treatment in the United States PET'S FUR HAIR Preventable Indoor CLOTHING Allergens AIR-CON AIR How Indoor Indoor allergens are typically airborne irritants that enter the home Allegens Enter the on your clothing, hair, your pets' fur, through the air, or are drawn in through an air conditioning system. Home These are the primary culprits: DUST MITES PET DANDER Live in carpets, mattresses, pillows, and upholstered furniture 15 to 30% of people with allergies are allergic to cats or dogs Diet of shed human skin. Airborne particles stick to fur, hair, clothing carpet and furniture. Allergies are caused by waste products and persist even after Dander can collect in HVAC systems, making it difficult to the mite has died. remove entirely. MOLD POLLEN Fungi whose spores become airborne, causing allergic reactions in many. Plant reproductive material, highly allergenic and airborne. Juniper Tree pollen is the root cause of "Cedar Fever" Most pronounced from December to February in Texas Grows in damp areas such as bathroom, kitchen, or basement Deep scrubbing required to prevent build up in vulnerable areas. Preventing Airborne Allergies with Professional Cleaning Bad Allergies? Professional cleaning can help make your home the safe haven you need. SSS HVAC duct cleaning, eliminating long term buildup that can distribute allergens throughout even the cleanest home. Deep carpet cleaning to remove stubborn allergens. Upholstery cleaning to remove dust mites and waste material. Effective, professional-grade mold removal services

Texas Allergies Infographic

shared by carlosSantiago on Nov 27
There are millions of unseen allergens in your home. Learn what they are and how to eradicate them!


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