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Ten Ideas to Fight Soda in NYC

Ten Ideas to Tight Soda Gily OBESITY in New York KILLS MORE THAN 5,000 NEW EVERY YEAR- YORKERS ENOUGH A TO FILL A 4 ACRE GRAVE YARD THE SIZE OF CITY HALL PARK. THIS YEAR, CITY HALL FIGHTS|LARGESODAS. 10 MORE IDEAS: SODA FOUNTAIN 10 Rig up the famous Bethesda Fountain in Central Park to run on dark cola. Within a few days, the lip and pool and famous face of the fountain will be stained an ugly brown, and the spouts will become defective. The message: “You wouldn't run your fountain on brown sugar water; why would you run your body?" This can be done in concert with a later restoration. SODA SKATING Commandeer the famous ice-rink in Central Park or Rockefeller Center and install a layer of dark brown soda on top. When visitors try to skate, they trip in a pool of sticky slush. The message: "Soda is weak underfoot. If it is not strong enough to skate on, why is it strong enough to stake your health on?" SUGAR S CULPTURES Each year, the average American ingests 44 pounds of sugar from soft-drinks alone, equalling their body weight every five years. To visualize this, commission a series of sculptures from city artists made out of brown, white, and yellow-speckled clumps of sugar in the shape of average New Yorkers. Install them outside of major intersections for all to see. Slowly, like the city's health, the sculptures will wash down the drain. Regularly regularly drinking drinking Je sugary sugary soda soda daily daily doubles doubles your your chance chance of of developing developing diabetes diabetes.. one SODA SPa SURPRISE Partner with a local health-conscious spa or spa-system in NYC to offer select residents spa visits. But when they go to relax in the pools or the refreshing showers and steam-rooms what should they find but dark brown soda pouring out of the spouts. The message: “Soda isn't as refreshing for your body as it is for your taste buds. Instead, choose water." CELEBRITY WATER Like the Shirley Temple, drinks named after celebrities can have a life of their own. Partner with iconic NYC celebrities and top chefs to concoct a menu of refreshing spa-water beverages that can be easily made by restaurants across town. Simple flavored water combinations with peach, pear, apple, lemon, lime, or cucumber can increase the appeal of water as a luxury. Sugary drinks are the #1 source of calories for teens. 1. Drinking just achild's odds of becoming obese by 60%. Jextra can of soda daily increases MONEY PITCHERS Choosing water over soda at a restaurant saves a family of four $12 per sitting, and over $150 a year. The city should partner with select restaurants to put a pitcher of money on the table of family guests. If they choose water, they keep the money; if they choose soft drinks, it's removed. With just a few thousand dollars at select restaurants, the city can raise awareness of the money to be saved with water. WILTING GARDENS Under the guise of a city beautification effort, install a series of flower gardens at iconic locations. Residents will soon begin to notice that the flower gardens are wilting, then browning, then dying. The city releases a statement saying that the gardens were watered with soda. The message: "Thirsty plants die when they drink soda. Thirsty? Drink water." SODA FA UCET Rig some public restroom faucets to soda. As people walk out, confused, post a dispense brown message on the door: “You wouldn't wash your hands with soda; why would you wash your insides? Drink water." Under the message, install an antibacterial hand sanitizer. With just a few facilities, the city could gain a rush of media attention. $1.406 Medical costs for the 1/3 of U.S. adults who are obese are $1, 00 higher every year than for those of normal weight. Enough to feed a family of 4 for nearly 2 months. hecolate Chip Cookie FREE CO OKIES Distribute free baked goods around the city. Everything looks good, but tastes horrible. The recipes were all corrupted by using soda instead of water. The message: “A good recipe is about chemistry. Disrupt that recipe-by using soda instead of water-and you won't like what you get. Don't disrupt your own chemistry. Drink water." YELLOW SNOW Pilgrim Hill is a popular sledding spot in Central Park. One snow day, douse a section of the hill in a mix of yellow and brown soda. Kids won't want to go sledding and it will make the news. The message: "When it's that color, something is in it that shouldn't be. But if you wouldn't sled on it, why drink it?" seria seria nnovation New ideas to change the world Ideas brought to you by.. Learn more at: Sources and Statistics: 5,000 in NYC die of obesity every year: Enough to fill a 4 acre graveyard the size of City Hall Park: Americans ingest 44 pounds of sugar every year: Drinking 1 soda doubles your chance of Type 2 diabetes: Sugary drinks are the #1 source of calories for teens: Just 1 extra can a day increases the odds of obesity in children by 60 percent: 1/3 of U.S. adults (35.9 percent) are obese: $1,429 increase in medical costs: Family of 4 icon by: James Keuning Costs of feeding a family of 4: To learn more about the facts in this infographic and for clickable links, visit: E. 00

Ten Ideas to Fight Soda in NYC

shared by bsteidle on Apr 24
How can NYC fight the soda companies for the health of the city's citizens?


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