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Teeth vs Soda – What Soda Does to Your Teeth

TEETH vs SODA What Soda Does to Your Teeth 48% of Americans drink soda daily 2.6 glasses/day That's nearly 45 gallons of soda per year Soda is the LARGEST dietary source of sugar among children and addolescents Mountain Dew 20 oz bottle Sugars, total: 77g Coca Cola 12 oz can Sugars, total: 39g BUT, IT'S NOT THE IT'S THE ACIDITY SUGAR CONTENT THAT'S HIGHLY ACIDIC BEVERAGES BAD FOR YOUR TEETH DISSOLVE TOOTH ENAMEL AND, OVER TIME, LEAD TO WEAKER, MORE CAVITY- PRONE TEETH. DIET SODAS CAN BE JUST AS BAD FOR YOUR TEETH AS REGULAR SODAS Fruit Juices are great healthy alternatives to soda, though the acid they contain can be just as bad for tooth health. Make sure to follow the Did you know? tips for managing acid erosion to keep both your body and smile healthy The lower the pH, the more acidic the beverage Pure Water - 7.00 (neutral) Perfect teeth Acid Reduces MILK Milk - 6.5 thickness of enamel Acid changes texture of teeth Black Coffee - 6.3 Enamel Begins to Dissolve - 5.5 Acid changes apearance of teeth Dr. Pepper - 3.4 Acid causes tooth sensitivity The Warning Signs: Teeth twinge, tingle or ache from hot and cold drinks, or brushing and flossing Sprite - 3.3 Acid causes teeth to lose their brightness Mountain Dew - 3.2 Teeth become "transparent" Coke, Pepsi, Vinegar - 2.5 Teeth begin to crack and erode Battery Acid - 1.0 Acid..You're in big trouble! TIPS FOR MANAGING ACIDIC EROSION: • Regular dental check-ups • Reduce the frequency of consumption of acidic drinks • (When consuming acidic drinks) use a straw placed towards the back of the mouth • Avoid swishing acidic drinks • Wait as long as possible after consuming acidic drinks before brushing teeth iltmore COMMONS DERTAL CARE Biltmore Commons Dental Sources: Infographic by 2007 study published in General Dentistry Minnesota Dental Association 2012 Gallup's Consumption Habits poll Beverage Marketing Corporation FALLINGIP Center for Disease Control and Prevention Pronamel/GlaxoSmithKline Coca-Cola

Teeth vs Soda – What Soda Does to Your Teeth

shared by fallingup on May 19
We take a look at the damaging effects that soda and other acidic beverages have on your smile.


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