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Teen Internet Addiction

Teen Internet Addiction ( HOW MUch Internet is TO Much) Internet water INTERNET ADDICTION STATS: How much time do teens spend online? 14 hrs/week 19 hrs/week 62% of Teens say they need the Internet to function on a daily basis could confidently say they are not 45% reliant on the Internet to live STANFORD STUDY: 13.7% (more than one out of eight respond- ents) found it hard to stay away from the Internet for several days at a time 12.4% stayed online longer than intended very often or often 13.7 12.4 5.9% felt their relation- 12.3% had seen a need ships suffered because of to cut back on Internet use at some point excessive Internet use. 5.9 8.2 12.3 8.7 8.2% used the Internet as a way to escape problems or relieve negative mood ......---............--- 8.7% attempted to conceal nonessential Inter- net use from family, friends and employers 5 KEY SYMPTOMS OF INTERNET ADDICTION 2. Mood modification: The person receives an emotional "buzz" from using the Internet. 1. Salience: The Internet becomes the most important activity in the person's life, affecting feelings, behaviors and thoughts. 3. Tolerance: The person becomes accli- matized, requiring increasing amounts of Internet time to get that "buzz" 5. Relapse: The addict tends to fall back into the same behavior very easily, even after years of abstinence or control. 4. Withdrawal symptoms: Abruptly ceasing Internet activity can cause the personal emotion- al or physical distress. WHAT INTERNET ADDICTION IS LINKED TO: Teens with ADHD crave the constant stimulation of fast-paced video games and interactive social networks. Use it as a therapy. Males were using the internet to "surf" and game play while females were "chatting" High use net users develop compulsive internet habits in which they replace real-life social interaction with online chat rooms and social networking sites. The longer people spent online the more depressed they tended to be Most popular Sites people with depression visit: 18+ Hi... Pornography Gambling Social Networks POTENTIAL FOR AN EPIDEMIC "Internet addiction could easily become one of the most chronic child- hood diseases in America." Dimitri A. Christakis, MD, of the Center for Child Health, Behavior, and Development, in Seattle. 50% of teens have three different devices that can access the internet, 10% have five TV computer Laptop Phone Tablet POTENTIAL FOR AN EPIDEMIC Parents need to be aware of what their teens are doing online and here are few simple steps they can take: Be a good example about responsible Internet Use Keep the Computer in a Public Place Install Filters and Monitoring software Turn off the Internet at night Set Up Internet Free Times SOURCES: -two-thirds-need-the-internet-to-function-infographic/ internet-addiction-treatment-center/ med-internet-101806.html Liahona ACADEMY,20310219 2,00.html

Teen Internet Addiction

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How much is to much time online? Infographic the looks at teen internet addiction.


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