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Tech Innovation for Worldwide Health

BILL & MELINDA GATES foundation aINVΕΝΤIONS TECH INNOVATION FOR WORLDWIDE HEALTH will save 7.6 million children under 5 from 2010 - 2019 & has already saved. Hepatitis B 3.4 MILLION Measles 1.2 MILLION BILL GATES IS PART OF HIB Bacteria 560,000 Whooping Cough 474,000 The Giving Pledge Yellow Fever 140,000 Polio 30,000 where billionaires pledge to give away 1/2 of their net worth Pneumonia 8,000 THE FOUNDATION PUSHES "AGILE" & "ACCELERATED" GRANTS page application can equal $100,000 in funding Grants per continent 2 66 28 14 20 NW NE W SW SE SOME AMAZING SUCCESS STORIES OF COBAL HEAITH GENERATO PROACHES TELL THE SANTATION CONDOM OF THE FUTURE Unpleasurable to use & of flawed designs increase unwanted pregnancy & disease. 50% of pregnancies in the U.S. are unplanned & mostly to lower income parents. LAPPING ONDOM Current Solutions RAPIDOM • donned in one smooth motion removable applicators • tightens during intercourse wraps & clings rather than squeezing CONDOM CONDOM GRAPHENE SID KILLING PERELASTO • softer, cheaper, less easily broken • carbon material is world's thinnest, & • heat activated to release drugs killing STD's strongest TOILETS FOR THE THIRD WORLD 35.7% Earth's population or 2.5 billion in developing countries practice open defecation Current Solutions OF ØRTI CranfielsITY 1NTERN ATIONAL 187 $1,300,000 grant $810,000 grant $780,000 grant • disinfects • solid waste liquid waste into fuel for electricity • solids are • removes water from waste later turned into fuel used for washing used as fertilizer or irrigation • turns waste into bio- charcoal concentrates sunlight to disinfect waste MOBILE FIELD REFRIGERATORS Vaccines needing refrigeration go bad without power -Current Solutions True Energy Sure Chill Fridge $100,000 grant THURS SOLAR POWERED FRI SAT Stays 4°C for 10 days with no power SUN MON TUES WED THURS FRI SAT PUBLIC HEALTH PHONE APPS Utilization of Internet cell coverage for public health causes - Current Solutions (3 VaxTrac Mobile Vision Apps prompting healthcare workers to check on pregnant App for fingerprint tracking that prevents women & newborns vaccination redundancies INJECTION FREE VACCINES Increase vaccine use and ease of use - Current Solutions ING'S College LONDON micro-needles made of sugar dissolves into skin • can be kept at room temperature brought to you by MPHONLINE.ORG CONDOM EHMOLOGER TO CURE HI RADO COLO WORLD HONE APPS DIS WON ISO) MOT CONDOMS

Tech Innovation for Worldwide Health

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The Gates Foundation is predicted to save the lives of 7.6 million children under 5 from 2010-2019. Here's how.




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