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Targeting Children With Treats

TARGETING CHILDREN WITH TREATS American children spend 44.5 hours a week watching television and are exposed to up to 30,155 TV ads a year! 50% of these ads are for candy, snacks, sugary cereal and fast food, so it's no surprise that Americans spend nearly $6.5 billion on holiday candy every year and 1/3 of American children are overweight or obese. The infographic below illustrates our children's consumption of media, advertising and treats, and the troubling results. DAILY MEDIA CONSUMPTION 4.5 HOURS IN FRONT OF THE TV 1.5 HOURS ON THE COMPUTER 2.5 HOURS LISTENING TO MUSIC OVER 1 HOUR PLAYING VIDEO GAMES 38 MINUTES READING CONSUMING ADVERTISING Ages 2 to 7 Ages 8 to 12 Ages 13 to 17 13,904 ads annually 30,155 ads annually 28,655 ads annually 12 food ads a day 21 food ads a day 17 food ads a day 50% OF ALL AD TIME ON CHILDREN'S SHOWS IS FOR FOOD. TYPES OF ADS AIMED AT CHILDREN UNDER 12 CANDY AND SNACKS 33% 28% CEREAL 10% 29% FAST FOOD OTHER CONSUMING TREATS American children now eat an average of 3 snacks a day between meals. On average, teens eat 34 teaspoons of sugar every day. AMOUNT SPENT ON HOLIDAY CANDY EACH YEAR IN AMERICA Love $1 BILLION VALENTIINE'S DAY $1.4 BILLION CHRISTMAS $1.9 BILLION EASTER $2 BILLION HALLOWEEN THE RESULTS 1 IN 3 AMERICAN CHILDREN IS OVERWEIGHT OR OBESE. Childhood obesity has become parents' No. 1 health concern - ahead of smoking and drug abuse. They consider TV ads promoting junk food to be a big part of the problem. Youngsters who are already overweight are even more susceptible to junk food ads and will increase consumption by 134%. 134% 50% OF OVERWEIGHT CHILDREN REMAIN OVERWEIGHT AS ADULTS. $51 MILLION $1.6 BILLION Government Spending on Marketing Healthy Eating and Exercise to Kids Food Industry Spending on Ads Promoting Foods High in Calories and Low in Nutrition to Kids WHAT IS BEING DONE CHILDREN'S FOOD AND BEVERAGE ADVERTISING INITIATIVE FTC INTERAGENCY WORKING GROUP ON FOOD MARKETED TO CHILDREN Urged by the Better Business Bureau, The Federal Trade BBB, leading food and beverage companies committed to limiting which foods they Commission proposed marketing standards to restrict advertising to kids younger than 6. advertise to kids under 12. The American Academy of American Academy of Pediatrics Pediatrics called for a ban of all junk food ads during children's programming. TE CH Sources Gallo AE: Food Advertising in the United States | | | In the Matter of Children's Advertising: FTC Final Staff Report and Recommendation | MAKE A DIFFERENCE BOF

Targeting Children With Treats

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On January 25, 2012, First Lady Michelle Obama and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack unveiled new requirements for nutritional standards in the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs acro...



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