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Tap Water: What are you really drinking?

Tap Water What Are You Really Drinking? The contents of tap water vary from state to state; some of the chemicals found in drinking water will shock and appall you, while the excellent quality of others will quench both your worries and your thirst. with Arsenic Ingredients: Ingredient Gross alpha radiation.. Turbidity Turbidity Thallium Haloacetic acids Haloacetic acids Total coliform Lead Lead ..... Fecal coliform/E. coli . Trihalomethanes .... Total trihalomethanes. Notes: Haloacetic acids .... Poor pipe maintenance in distribution system Notes: resulted in widespread Risk of cancer 40 times breaks and outages higher than ordinarily throughout the city accepted by the EPA Poor Fair Good 445,000 1 million 1,600,000 Albuquerque Atlanta Baltimore Ingredients: Ingredients: Ingredients: Lead Lead low Haloacetic acids Trihalomethanes .. Trihalomethanes low Total trihalomethanes.. Cryptosporidium. Haloacetic acids . low Lead Notes: Notes: Uncovered reservoir Tap water quality was potential gateway was the best in study for pathogens to enter water supply Poor Excellent Good 574,283 2,783,726 1 million Boston Chicago Denver with Nitrates with Arsenic & Radon Ingredients: Ingredients: Ingredients: Radon . ....... Haloacetic acids . Total trihalomethanes.. Nitrates ............ Haloacetic acids... 1,1-dichloromethane.. Total coliform .... Cis-1,2-dichloroethylene Trihalomethanes . . Lead... Ethylene dibromide . Arsenic Trichloroethylene . Perchloroethylene . Coliform Dibromochloropropane Notes: Lead Violated monitoring Gross alpha radiation. standards Radon Arsenic Good Poor Fair 4.2 million No Data 2,354,0402 Detroit Fresno Houston Ingredients: Ingredients: Ingredients: Perchlorate .............. Lead ................. Trihalomethanes . Haloacetic acids . MTBE Trihalomethanes Lead Trihalomethanes . Trichloroethylene . Haloacetic acids Arsenic Radon Notes: Nitrates Notes: Uncovered finished water Recreational boating in reservoir and related Notes: source waters apparenti reservoir hazards Uncovered finished led to contamination water reservoirs by gasoline additive MTBE" Fair Good Fair No Data 128,000 275,221 Los Angeles Manchester Newark Ingredients: Ingredients: Ingredients: Trihalomethanes Trihalomethanes Arsenic Haloacetic acids Haloacetic acids Perchlorate Turbidity Lead Trihalomethanes .. Atrazine Cryptosporidium . Haloacetic acids Giardia Nitrates Chromium Notes: DEHP Low levels of various industrial chemicats, Notes: metals, and pesticides Settled EPA enforcement accusations of multiple Maximum Contaminant Level, monitoring, and reporting violations. Good Fair Poor 564,620 1,600,000 1,200,001 New Orleans Philadelphia Phoenix Ingredients: Ingredients: Ingredients: Perchlorate . Trihalomethanes Lead. Cryptosporidium . Cryptosporidium . Haloacetic acid Trihalomethanes . Trihalomethanes Haloacetic acids Giardia Ethylene dibromide Lead Lead Turbidity ******* Total coliform Notes: Gross alpha Gross beta radiation Significant cross- connection risk in 595,430 in Seattle Uranium separate potable MTBE and nonpotable supply systems Fair Poor 1.3 million in metro area Fair No Data No Data San Diego San Francisco Seattle Population Served by the System - 5.000.000 Water Quality Excellent - 4.000.000 Good with Cyanide Fair Ingredients: Poor - 3.000.000 Trihalomethanes Cyanide Haloacetic acids Total coliform radioactive contaminants - 2.000.000 1.000.000 Fair Fair 595,000 595,000 Washington, D.C Legends different ways to filter water 7 Different Types of Water Filters Gas Vent Counter top water filter The easiest to install. Water on demand. Faucet water filter Condensing Coil Directly mounted onto the faucet, providing an inexpensive alternative to home water treatment. Contaminated Water Portable water filter Allows you to get water from any tap or natural water source. Cool Water In Coil Causes Steam To Advantage: Distillers have the simplest process of water treatment using the typical boiling and condensing method. ICondense Refrigerator water Usually combined with ice maker filters. It uses advanced technology utilizing carbon block resin, ceramic or ion exchange filtration to protect drinking Steam Vapor water and ice cubes from harmful toxins. Purified Water Heating Element to Tank Shower water filter For bathroom purposes, typically for healthy, chlorine free skin and hair. chlorine has been proven to dry out Cleaning Drain Disadvantage: consumes much electricity generate excessive heat and demand regular cleaning Contaminant Removed skin's natural oils and damage hair. inhaling chlorine gas emitted from heavy metals (including lead), cadmium, chromium, copper, mercury, arsenic, barium, total dissolved solids, microbes, fluoride, selenjum, sodium, lead and mercury. filterless showers can be a health hazard, especially those with asthma. Under-sink water filter Recommended for long-term or permanent use. no visible pipes or machines save space and avoid unsightly or cumbersome equipment. Whole house water The most recommended, effective water filters. and convenient type This system ensures odorless, delicious and chloring-free water from every faucet in the entire house. Semi-permeable membrane WATER SALINE Osmotic Flow WATER WATER Stopping influx by applying pressure Treated Water to House Plumbing Reverse Osmotic Flow Source Water in Parasites Cryptosporidium, Giardia, perchlorate, sulfates, fluoride, industrial chemicals heavy metals (including lead, mercury, cadmium, copper), chlorine by-products, chlorides and pharmaceuticals, pollutants such as arsenic, barium, nitrate, and selenium. High Output UV Lamp. Contaminant Removed: Pre Filter Stop Disadvantage: wastes up to 9 gallons of water for 1 gallon filtered. Contaminant Removed: Bacteria and other micro organisms. Class A systems protect against harmful bacteria and viruses, including Cryptosporidium, Giardia, Class systems are designed to make non-disease-causing bacteria inactive. Notes: Countertop units can be found for under $100, but most whole-house units cost $700 and up for NSF-certified models. Activated Carbon Filter Treated Water The carbon absorbs the impurities of water as it passes through the system pipes. Notes: For whole house or point of entry systems. Contaminant Removed: Lead, PCBS, chlorine by-products (chloramines and trihalomethanes), parasites, radon, pesticides and herbicides, the gasoline additive MTBE, the dry-cleaning solvent trichloroethylene, volatile organic compounds, some levels of bacteria (such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia), small number of pharmaceuticals. Control Valve and Timer It works by softening hard water by trading minerals of a strong positive charge with one less of a charge. Softened Water Contaminated Water Hard Water - Carbon filter systems get rid of bad tastes and odors, including chlorine, Standard 53-certified filters can substantially reduce many hazardous contaminants, including heavy metals such as copper, lead and mercury; disinfection byproducts; parasites such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium ; pesticides; radon; and volatile organic chemicals such as methyl-tert-butyl ether (MTBE), dichlorobenzene and trichloroethylene (TCE). Contaminant Removed: calcium, magnesium, barium Pressure Vessel Salt Overflow Resin Brine and Salt Brine Pickup-up Outer Cabinet Lower Distributor Water Filters Comparison Table Brand Aquasana Aqua-Pure Brita Brita Culligan eSpring Everpure GE Kenmore PUR Model Number AQ-4000 DWS1000 Faucet Filter Pitcher Filter SY-2300 100188 H-54 SW GXSV10C Deluxe 38465 Plus FM-3000 Retail Price $99.99 $349.95 $34.95 $24.95 $159.99 $577.20 $359.99 $139.99 $149.99 $49.95 Replacement Cartridge Cost & Capacity $48.00 / 500 Gal $79.99 / 625 Gal $20.00 / 100 Gal $7.70/ 30 Gal $50.39 / 500 Gal $173,30 / 1320 Gal $100.99 / 750 Gal $60.00 / 540 Gal $49.00 /500 Gal. $20.00 / 100 Gal. Per Gallon "Cost Of Use" 9.6 cents / Gal 13 cents / Gal 20 cents / Gal 25 cents / Gal 10 cents / Gal 13.1 cents / Gal 13.5 cents / Gal 11 cents / Gal 9.8 cents /Gal 20 cents / Gal Total Cost For 1 Year 1000 gals. $147.99 $349.95 $214.95 $273.91 $210.38 $750.50 $229.90 $199.99 $198.99 $229.95 Removes Chlorine YES 99% YES 97% YES 99% YES >75% YES 97% YES >98% YES >87% YES 97% YES 99% YES 98% Removes Lead YES >99% YES 95% YES 99% YES 93% YES 95% YES 99% YES 98% YES 98% YES 92% YES 96% Removes Cysts YES >99.99% YES >99% YES >99% NO YES 99% YES >99% YES >99% YES >99% YES >99% Removes THMS YES >99% YEŞ 92% NO NO YES 95% YES >99% NO YES 95% YES 99% NO Removes VOCS YES >99% YES 92% NO NO YES 95% YES >99% NO YES 99% YES 95% NO Removes Lindane YES >99% YES >99% YES 99% NO YES 99% YES >99% NO YES 99% YES 99% YES 97% Removes Alachlor YES >98% YES 98% YES 99% NO YES 98% YES 99% NO YES 98% YES 95% | NO Removes Atrazine YES >97% YES 97% YES 92% NO YES 97% YES >88% NO YES 97% YES 97% YES 96% Removes Benzene YES >99% YES >99% YES 96% NO YES 99% YES >96% NO YES 99% YES 83% | NO Removes TCE YES >99% YEŞ >99% YES 99% NO YES 99% YES >96% NO YES 99% YES 98% NO Removes MTBE YES >93% NO NO NO YES 90% YES >96% |NO NO NO | NO Ultraviolet disinfection Cation exchange softener Distiller Reverse Osmosis Activated carbon filter

Tap Water: What are you really drinking?

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The dirty truth about tap water in America, and which cities fair the best and worst for water quality.


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