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Talking to Children about Prescription Drug Abuse

TALKING TO CHILDREN ABOUT PRESCRIPTION DRUG ABUSE 15,000 people fatally 1 IN 4 overdose on prescription whw painkillers teens every year has abused or misused That's more than heroin and cocaine overdose deaths combined a prescription drug 6% of parents said that their teen had abused medication, but PARENTS DOn'T KNOW 10% of teens admitted abusing/misusing medicine in the past 6 months ..OR MAYBE DOn'T CARE? 27% 16% of of teens parents mistakenly thought that prescription drugs were safer than street drugs 14% PARENTS ȚTHINK THEY DON'T HAVE ANY INFLUENCE Onl PARENTS AREN'T TALKING of teens said that their parents talked to them about abuse of any prescription drugs in their last talk about substance abuse 1 IN 5 Il T I Il T parents of teens didn't think that they had much influence on whether their child used drugs T ||T || T .BUT THEY DO Learned "nothing" Learned "a little" Learned "a lot" Teens that had learned about prescription drugs from their parents or grandparents were up to 42% less likely to abuse prescription drugs than teens that didn't 32% 24% Teens whose parents cared less about prescription drug abuse (compared to illegal drug abuse) were more likely than average to use medication without a prescription 20% of teens whose parents cared less of teens use Rx drugs (TOTĂL) of teens whose parents cared as much PARENTS CAN STOP IT Parents can reduce teens' access to prescription drugs: 42% MONITOR prescription drugs within the home, so you know if any go missing SECURE prescription drugs within the home, so your teen does not have access got the medication they abused from their parents' medicine cabinet DISPOSE of any old, unwanted medicine safely, when your teen isn't home TALK TO YOUR CHILDREN ABOUT Promote PRESCRIPTION DRUG ABUSE Prevent THEY WILL LISTEN SOURCES CDC Vital Signs. Prescription Painkiller Overdoses in the US. Medicine Abuse Project Booklet. Partnership at Not In My House. Partnership at 2012 Partnership Attitude Tracking Study. SAMHSA News. More Than 1 in 5 Parents Believe They Have Little Influence in Preventing Teens from Using Illicit Substances. % of Teens Abusing Rx Drugs Teens Abusing Rx Drugs (out of 100)

Talking to Children about Prescription Drug Abuse

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This infographic covers the importance of talking to children about prescription drug abuse. Parents play a huge role in whether their children abuse substances.






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