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Taking a Bite out of Obesity

Taking a Bite Out of Obecity - A Complete Guide Obesity continues to be a growing concern throughout the world. Discover some interesting facts about obesity, and some methods to battle the medical condition. Facts What are overweight and obesity? A BMI greater than or equal to 25 is overweight. A BMI greater than or equal to 30 is obesity. Global Statistics 1.9 billion adults were overweight in 2014, 600 million were obese. 1% of men in the world are obese, while 16% of women are obese. Over 40 million children under the The rate of increase of child of five are now classified as age obese. obesity in low and middle income countries is 30% faster than in developed countries. The global prevalence of obesity doubled from I 980 - 2014. Obesity by Country Half of the worlĸ's obese live in just 10 countries: China United States 44% India 33% 3.8% Indonesia 6.8% Russia 24.1% Adult Pakistan 13.6% Population Brazil 16.2% Germany Mexico 24.3% 26.9% Egypt 35.9% What are the Causes? Increase in consumption of energy dense foods that are high in fat and sugars. Lack of physical activity. Increased portion sizes. Drinking too much alcohol. Too many sugary drinks. Comfort eating. Medical reasons such as taking antidepressants and quitting smoking. What are Calories? Measure of how much energy food or drink contains. Can also be affected by hormones and medications. A man generally needs around 2,50O Kcal (calories) a day. A woman generally needs around 2,000 Kcal a day. These figures are dependent on age/metabolism/physical activity. Foods to Avoid A frosted donut can contain 19 grams of fat, 19 grams of sugar, and up to A small carbonated drink at a restaurant can A mecium serving of McDonald's French fries contain over 200 calories contains 617 calories, 33 grams of fat and 292 milligrams of sodium. 340 calories. and 59 grams of sugar. Canned soup can contain 890 milligrams of sodium, almost the maximum daily intake. A half cup of Haagen-dazs One small glass of red wine (125 ml) contains 85 calories. vanilla chocolate chip ice cream can contain 20 grams of fat and 310 calories. up to One pint of draft beer (568 ml) contains 182 calories. A standard 9-10 inch pizza One 30 gram serving of Special K breakfast cereal contains |14 calories. contains 870 calories approx. and up to 31.4 grams of fat. Fighting the Fat Know Your Single Serving Portion Sizes For cheese it the size For a potato it is the size of a computer mouse. of your whole thumb. For pasta, the size of one Scoop of ice-cream. For meat, fish or poultry it is the equivalent of a palm with no fingers. A single serving of fruit or veg is the size of a fist. At mealtime Plan your meals at the start of the week. Use smaller dishes. Serve the right portions and don't go back for seconds. up on fresh vegetables. 100 grams of broccoli contains only 34 calories. Fill Don't keep platters of food at the table as you are more likely to pick at it. If you have dessert, share. Beware of mini sized snacks. People tend to eat extra. Eat little and often. Use fruit as a snack. Drink over 2 litres of water a day to help with digestion. Keep Active 30 minutes daily physical activity such as walking or running is recommended for healthy adults. Increasing the intensity of the activity may be necessary to burn fat. Interval running is a good fat burner. Office workers should ensure they stretch regularly and do some form of physical activity during lunch. Government Support High taxation on sugar (similar to tobacco) may be necessary to deter people. A limit on advertising of products that are high in fats, sugar and salt. Increase awareness on the importance of healthy balanced diet, targeting children and adults. References UNION QUAY MEDICAL CENTRE

Taking a Bite out of Obesity

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This Infographic highlight the dangers of obesity, as it continues to become more prevalent.






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