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Symptoms of High Blood Pressure

◄◄◄◄◄ ◄◄◄◄◄ MantraCare SYMPTOMS OF HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE Fatigue Fatigue , in general , can be a symptom of many other diseases . The heart requires a good amount of oxygen - rich blood to function properly . Lacking it the heart begins to start functioning slowly leading to weakness and tiredness . You would feel tired even if not involved in physical activities . Severe Headaches This is one of the symptoms of high blood pressure . But it is noticed that most people suffering from high blood pressure do not go through this . However , it can be the early symptoms in some of the cases . Vision Problem In case a person is suffering from severe high blood pressure , this might be one of the symptoms . Because the high rate of blood pressure damaging arteries results in further damaging of the eye tissues as well . Chest Pain This is one of the symptoms that are not to be ignored . However , there can be some other causes to it also . But it also indicates towards you having high blood pressure . Difficulty Breathing Heavy breaths or difficulty in breathing are other symptoms . What happens in this condition is that the pathway that air makes through your and mouth to your lungs does not happen easily . This results in difficulty breathing . Blood In The Urine Known as " hematuria " in medical terms , blood in the urine can be a reason for you to act immediately . This can be one of the severe symptoms of high blood pressure you better not neglect . MANTRACARE.ORG

Symptoms of High Blood Pressure

shared by mantracareuser59 on Apr 29
How can you come to know that you are suffering from high blood pressure? However, the symptoms of high blood pressure are not that flashy.




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