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Suspects of Office Injuries

SUSPECTS OF OFFICE INJURIES CRIME SCENE RIME SCENE DO NOT CROSS 6'6" FULL NAME(S) Briefcase & ЛЕ 6'0" *CR Power Cable 6'6" Injury from tripping 6'0" CASE TYPE 5'6" NOTES The accused were both seen lingering in office walk ways before the victim was tripped up. POLICE DEPT BAGS & CABLES They should have been carefully 3'6" 34692312383611 stored away leaving a clear path. Injured worker by fripping them The victim suffered knee and elbow injuries due to the up suspects lack of care. O NOT CROSS CRIME S FULL NAME(S) Keyboard & Mouse 6'6" 6'6" CASE TYPE Repetitive Strain 6'0" - -1 6'0" & Back Injuries 5'6" 5'6" NOTES 5'0" 5'0" These ite ms can cause serious 4' 6" pain if not used correctly. Breaks must be taken to avoid them causing injury to you. POLICE DEPT KEYBOARD & MOUSE If someone doesn't respect them 92692712313551 3'6" by maintaining correct posture these seemingly friendly items accused of causing RSI tback pain can be come crimina1. CRIME SCENE DO NOT CROSS NOT CROSS 6'6" FULL NAME(S) Printer & 6'0" Photocopier CASE TYPE Toxic Poisoning NOTES This pair have been emitting harmful fumes into thous ands of offices for years. POLICE DEPT Their emissions can contain LASER PRINTERS & COPIERS toner particles that can cause 3'6" 52512289313519 serious respiratory damage. exposed co-workers to harmful fumes Their crime spree has been compared to the damages done by smoking. ME SCL SCENE DO NOT - FULL NAME(S) Clock & Targets 6'6" 6'6" Causing Stress from 6'0" CASE TYPE 6'0" too much pressure 5'6" 5'6" NOTES 5'0" These are two of a number of suspects accused of causing stress at work. There are many victims of stress with POLICE DEPT millions of working days lost. LONG HOURS & TARGETS 9568289313318 Workers make themselves ill by caught putting too much pressure on workers trying to meet targets and working long hours. RIME SCENE DO NOT CROSS CRIM ÉNE D Files & Boxes FULL NAME(S) 6'6" 6 S'0" Back & Other CASE TYPE 5' Injuries "6" 5'0 NOTES These partners in crime have inflicted numerous injuries on 3" workers for years. POLICE DEPT If carried incorrectly they can inflict instant back injuries. 3' FILES & BOXES 3'6 5848123577729 They are known to gang together and force victims to carry too was always an accident waiting to happen much. DO NOT CRC. CRIME SCENr Computer & FULL NAME(S) 6'6" Office Chairs 6'0" Back Injury CASE TYPE 5'6" 5'0" NOTES 4'6" The victims relied on the L'o" 3' suspects every day at work and '6" were unaware of the problems POLICE DEPT 3'0" 3-0" they were causing. OFFICE CHAIR 3'6 2748923577936 Being non-adjustable and lengthy uninterrupted periods 3'6" All their work friends thought they were harmless of use were to blame for long term back injuries. CRIME SCENVE CRIME SCENE DO NOT CROSS In jured by Trip and Fall elus Reaching for Mouse SHOUL DERS HEAD In jured by Trip and Falls ARMS, HANDS AND FINGERS Repetitive Strain In jury caused by Keyboard and Mouse use NECK Injured by Poor Sitting Posture and Equipment set up LUNGS Fumes from printers can cause respiratory damage LEGS AND KNEES In jured by Trp and Falls MIND Stress can RIME SCENE DO NOT CROSS cause many ISsues Atrium GAL SERVICES WWW.ATRIUMLEGAL.COM CRIME CRIM NOT CROSS

Suspects of Office Injuries

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The office may seem like the the safest place that you could work but you might be surprised to find out that it isn't. There are many potential hazards that you could face everyday as a white collar ...


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