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The Superhero Workout

THE SUPERHERO WORKOUT Body Aid SOLUTIONS -TYPE OF EXERCISE / AREA WORKED Cardio / Upper body / SAQ training BACK PROFILE CHEST/ ABDOMINALS C.... REAL NAME: Peter Benjamin Parker OCCUPATION: Photographer, scientist, high school teacher. HEIGHT: 5'9" ARMS WEIGHT: 168 Ibs. ABILITIES: Proportionate powers of an SHOULDERS arachnid. ENEMIES: Doctor Octopus, Green Goblin, Venom, The Lizard. -EXERCISES Cardiovascular endurance PLACE OF BIRTH: New York, New York. -WHY? Spiderman is a more slender build than other superheroes. Focus on cardio and upper body for swinging and climbing. Also more agile, Speed Agility Quickness training best suited to improve flexibility, agility and movement. SPIDER-MAN CREATED BY: Stan Lee & Jack Kirby. -TYPE OF EXERCISE / AREA WORKED Core training / Squats / Plyometric PROFILE REAL NAME: Kal-El (birth), Clark Joseph/Jerome Kent (adopted name). ARMS/SHOULDERS OCCUPATION: Reporter, journalist. HEIGHT: 6'3" WEIGHT: 235 lbs. ABILITIES: Superhuman strength, stamina, speed & hearing, invulnerability, Flight, Heat Vision. CHEST/ABDOMINALS -EXERCISES Core abdominals / Legs / Explosive muscle groups LEGS ENEMIES: Lex Luthor, Brainiac, Doomsday. -WHY? PLACE OF BIRTH: Kryptonopolis, Krypton. Superman has incredible strength but main focus would be on flying. Core training such as abdominal exercises, would increase stability and balance when flying. Uses explosive actions – when taking flight for example - so plyometric training, which focus on fast, heavy movement would work best. SUPERMAN CREATED BY: Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster. -TYPE OF EXERCISE / AREA WORKED All-round CHEST PROFILE REAL NAME: Robert Bruce Banner. OCCUPATION: Atomic physicist. HEIGHT: 5'9" (as Banner); SHOULDERS 8'7" (as Hulk) WEIGHT: ARMSBICEPS 128 Ibs (as Banner); 1150 lbs (as Hulk) ABILITIES: Superhuman strength, stamina, durability and speed, regenerative healing factor. ENEMIES: -EXERCISES The Leader, Abomination, LEGS Compound Muscle Work Outs / Heavy, powerful training movements General "Thunderbolt" Ross. PLACE OF BIRTH: -WHY? The Hulk is immensely strong, powerfully and physically intimidating. Exercises such as Dead-lifts, Squats, Bench Press will look to develop his major muscle group. Heavy weight at lower reps. Dayton, Ohio. HULK CREATED BY: Stan Lee & Jack Kirby. -TYPE OF EXERCISE / AREA WORKED Flexibility training / Yoga / Balance / Cross Fit PROFILE ARMS/SHOULDERS REAL NAME: Selina Kyle. OCCUPATION: LEGS Adventurer, thief, crime fighter. HEIGHT: 5'7" WEIGHT: 133 lbs. ABILITIES: CHEST/ ABDOMINALS Accomplished athlete, Hand-to-Hand combat master, feline empathy, master thief. BACK -EXERCISES ENEMIES: All-Round Workpants / Cardio / Core Batman, Robin, Joker, poison Ivy, Harley Quinn. -WHY? Catwoman is known for her agile nature and flexible physique. She would look at stretching exercises, looking at both dynamic and static stretches to allow a greater range of movement. Combined with yoga and cross fit PLACE OF BIRTH: Gotham City. CREATED BY: her to keep balance when moving at speed. Bill Finger & Bob Kane. -TYPE OF EXERCISE / AREA WORKED Shoulders / Arms/ Chest:/ Back SHOULDERS PROFILE ARMS REAL NAME: Bruce Wayne. OCCUPATION: Billionare, philanthrophist, crime fighter. HEIGHT: CHEST/ABDOMINALS 6'2" BACK WEIGHT: 210 Ibs. ABILITIES: Master acrobat, martial artist & detective, Genius-level Intellect. ENEMIES: The Jojer, Bane, The Riddler, -EXERCISES Scarecrow, Strength training/ Upper body Workout/ Combat training PLACE OF BIRTH: Crest Hill, Bristol Township; Gotham County. -WHY? Main attribute is strength and power when fighting. Would work specific muscle groups, looking at low reps with high weights. BATMAN CREATED BY: Bob Kane & Bill Finger. BODY AID SOLUTIONS

The Superhero Workout

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We’ve all dreamed of being a superhero! Now you can, with ‘The Superhero Workout’, the latest infographic from Body Aid Solutions; a leading provider of complete and recognised personal trainer ...


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