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The Sunscreen Smokescreen

The Sunscreen SmokeScreen Sunlight TWO MAIN TYPES OF ULTRAVIOLET UVA UVB UVC Burns your skin UVC Blocked by atmosphere Ages your skin % REACHING GROUND 95% 5% SUNSCREEN PROTECTION STAR SYSTEM SUN FACTOR (SPF) UVA (12 source: National Toxicology Program // data: What does sun factor number mean anyway? SPF х skin type total protection time from UVB %3D LIGHT TO FAIR X 10 MINS AVERA GEX 15 MINS TANNED TO DARK X 20 MINS e.g. х AVERAGEX 15 MINS 2h AVERA GEX 15 MINS 3h 45m (25 AVERA GEX 15 MINS 6h 15m This next bit has repeatedly defied my attempts to diagramize it. So I'm going to quickly write some words to explain. But UVA stars only give a certain % of the SPF protection time Typically only about 1/2 or 1/4 of what they should. Average: 1/3 The SPF system You need a sunscreen with Also, many people do not put enough does not protect you from UVA radiation UVA stars to do that sunscreen on ALL THIS MIXES TO CREATE Combined UVA & UVB Protection Times enough sunscreen not enough sunscreen UVA PROTECTION UVA UVA UVA UVA UVA SUN FACTOR (UVB protection) EU SPF US SPF -24m 1h 12 1h 36 1h 48m 32m 45m 1h 30 2h 15 зh 3h 20m 30m - . 45m 1h . . 1h 7m 2h 30m 3h 45m 5h 5h 40m 50m 1h 15 --------- 1h 40m ------- 1h 50m so you can wear the strongest sunscreen but it you don't slap enough on. source: our calculations // data: How much sunscreen should you wear? Divide your body into eleven zones Apply 1 or 2 fingers of sunscreen per zone Use INDEX and MIDDLE fingers UPPER BACK 3 5 EXAMPLE SUN CREAM WITH gives 2h 15m 45m LOWER BACK PROTECTION PROTECTION 10 11 with with 2 fingers 1 finger OPTIMAL ADEQUATE source: British Me dical Jounal // data: How often should you apply sunscreen? Previous wisdom enter sun геаpply +2 hours reapply +2 hours apply etc Current wisdom enter sun apply reapply reapply after swimming or towelling -30m +30m source: British Medical Joumal // data: What if it's cloudy? CLOUD COVER REFLECTIONS ALTITUDE 2000M BO% 1500M 20% 1000M 10% Thick clouds Different surfaces reflect UV Snow burn reduce UV radiation fre sh snow 80% At 2,000 m above sea level UV radiation can be 30% more intense by 80-99% sea foam 5 dry sand 20 grass 10 water 10 source: Norwegian Institute for Air Research, World Health Organization// data: Sunlight & Skin Cancers SKIN CANCER Squamous Cell Carcinoma Basal Cell Carcinoma Melanoma WHAT DOES IT AFFECT? Covering & lining of the skin (epithelium) Deepest layer of skin tissue (basal layer) Cells that tan the skin (melanocytes) % OF SKIN CANCERS 20% 75% % OF CASES CAUSED BY 90% UVA 90% UVB 65% UVB SUNLIGH % OF SUFFERERS WHO DIE 0.4% 0.07% 13% (nasty) (normally curable) (deadly) IN COMPARISON brain 68% breast 10% colon 35% source: Cancer Research UK // data: http://bitly/sunscreensmoke Melanoma Incidence Rates Cases of the cancer per 100,000 people 55 AUS 50 45 40 35 USA UK 30 25 25 25 20 20 20 15 15 15 10 10 10 1975 2007 1975 2007 1975 2007 source: National Cancer Institute source: Cancer Research source: source: Cancer Research UK, American Journal of Public Health // data: Don't forget - the sun is good! 20 mins of daity sunlight (without sunscreen) gives you a heathy dose of Vitamin D essential for health Significantly more elderty people die in winter January, February and March Substantially more heart attack victims survive it struck during summer source: American Society of Clinical Oncology, Canadian Medical Assoc, BMJ// data: David McCandle ss // July 2011/ v 1.3 re search: Miriam Quick data: additional design: Piero Zagami, Derek Guo, Joe Swainson * *

The Sunscreen Smokescreen

shared by petervcook on Jul 14
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It started with a question. It always does. This time, the question was simple: How much sunscreen should I wear? I’m a pale geek who burns. I wanted to know the optimal. A simple question with a s...


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