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Summer Skin: Treating Sunburn and Bug Bites

Saving Your Skin: TREATING SUNBURN & BUG BITES Hour to Treat a Sunburn COOL OFF Take a cool bath or shower to help relieve the pain Pat your skin dry, but leave some water as you apply moisturizer STAY MOIST Choose a moisturizer with aloe vera or soy to help prevent dryness For more painful areas, use a hydrocortisone cream to relieve discomfort STAY HYDRATED It's important to hydrate yourself from the inside out when you're sunburned Drink plenty of water to help prevent dehydration after a sunburn PROTECT YOURSELF If you have to go back out in the sun, wear long sleeves and a hat Choose tightly-woven fabrics that won't let the sun through LEAVE IT ALONE If your skin starts to blister or peel, leave these areas alone This is part of the healing process, and picking at a sunburn can make it worse what to Do about Bug Bites ACT QUICKLY Use an antihistamine cream or stick as soon as you notice an itchy bug bite This will help reduce itchiness as well as associated swelling DON'T SCRATCH It's tempting to scratch bug bites, but scratching can break the skin Place bandages over bites at night so you don't accidentally scratch them and cause an infection USE ALOE Aloe vera can help reduce inflammation and itchiness with its cooling properties Try storing it in the fridge for even more cooling relief ICE IT DOWN For bug bites that are painful, try applying an ice pack to the area Only use ice for 15-20 minutes at a time with a cloth to protect your skin TRY A CREAM Hydrocortisone or calamine lotion can help reduce itchiness and redness Oral antihistamines can help, especially if bites are very itchy or numerous PROVIDED BY: WOSETH SWINYER DERMATOLOGY WWW.SALTLAKECITYDERMATOLOGY.COM SOURCES:

Summer Skin: Treating Sunburn and Bug Bites

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Your skin might peel or blister while you recover from a sunburn, so remember to leave these areas alone and let them heal properly! Learn more about summer skin care by looking at this infographic.


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