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Stroke: Who's affected?

Stroke: Who's affected? Stroke kills more than 49 o00 people in the UK per year, but some portions of society are at a higher risk. How it affects you could depend on a range of socioeconomic factors including geography, ethnicity and occupation. Stroke kills some more than others Geographical differences STROKE MORTALITY RATES IN THE UK POPULATION Stroke mortality is higher in the north of the UK, with Occupational differences People in routine jobs are 3 times as likely to die prematurely from stroke as people in high managerial and professional positions (England and Wales, 2001-03). (per 100 o00, 2010) high lower rates in the south of England, particularly London. Differences in prosperity and habits (such as diet or smoking) are major reasons for this gradient, as are the distance to hospitals and the number of specialist stroke units available. low Scotland 51 Economic differences More people die from stroke in the most economically deprived 2oth of the population than in the most prosperous. This difference is greater North East 44 North Yorkshire and West Humberside among men. Northern 47 43 Ireland East Midlands MORTALITY RATES OF THE RICHEST AND POOREST 5% 69 40 (per 100 o00, England and Wales, 1999-2003) West Midlands East 44 37 Wales 45 London 91 36 69 63 61 South West South East 38 41 Poorest Richest In Northern Ireland, stroke kills at a rate that is 192% that of London, which has the UK's lowest stroke mortality rate ****** Ethnic differences This graphic compares premature mortality rates from stroke of men in England and Wales who were born in different PREMATURE MORTALITY RATES IN ENGLAND AND WALES BY COUNTRY OF BIRTH (men aged 30 to 69, 1999–-2003) Bangladesh Ireland Northern ireland Scotland countries. Rates are generally higher for immigrants, the difference being especially striking for those born in Bangladesh or West Africa. Different Italy England and Wales Pakistan The risk is Зх cultural attitudes to risk factors (such as smoking and poor diet), and a possible higher genetic predisposition to diabetes and hypertension, may be at the root of these disparaties, along with the socioeconomic factors highlighted above. England- as high for Bangladeshi male immigrants to die prematurely of stroke as India and Wales-born mortaly Jamaica East Other Caribbean Africa for men born in England and Wales West Africa The risk of dying of stroke in the UK is of that in 19% of that in Russia but it's 168% France How we stand in Europe Wealth and health As in the UK map above, there is a geographical gradient of stroke deaths across Europe. Mortality generally increases going eastwards, with the less economically developed countries tending to have higher rates. The UK rate is similar SWE FIN STROKE MORTALITY EST Worst RUS RATES IN EUROPE (per 100 000, 20oo8) LVA 242 LTU Iover 200 to those found in the more GBR BLR 100 to 199 5o to 99 o to 49 Ino data 47 POL developed parts of western and northern Europe. While UK mortality still exceeds that of France, the outlook is very positive, with a constant decline in incidence and mortality lasting already several decades. DEU CZE UKR SVK Best FRA 28 AUT HUN MDA ROU SVN HRV SRB BGR ESP Note: Rates are directly age-standardised to the European Standard Population. Sources: British Heart Foundation; General Register Office for Scotland; Northem Ireland Statistics and Research Agency, Office for National Statistics; World Health Organization Research and design: Paulo Estriga Writing: Sharlin Ahmed, Paulo Estriga Thanks to: Clare Walton and Nikki Hill (Stroke Association); Peter Scarborough (British Heart Foundation Health Promotion Research Group) wellcometrust

Stroke: Who's affected?

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Part two of a four-part infographic series about the situation with stroke in the UK, published weekly in the Wellcome Trust blog in May 2012 (National Stroke Awareness Month). Also featured in The Gu...


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