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Striking Out Prostate Cancer

Striking Out PROSTATE CANCER KO More than 240,000 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer this year in the U.S. THAT'S MORE THAN THE COMBINED NUMBER OF SEATS IN DODGER STADIUM, COORS FIELD, TURNER FIELD, YANKEE STADIUM, NEW YORK LOS ANGELES DENVER ATLANTA AN ESTIMATED 28,170 MEN WILL DIE OF PROSTATE CANCER IN 2012. PROSTATE CANCER WILL KILL 1 IN 36 AMERICAN MEN 40 50 65 RED HAT PROSTATE CANCER IS VERY RARE IN MEN THE LIKELIHOOD OF DEVELOPING 2 OUT OF EVERY 3 CASES YOUNGER THAN 40 PROSTATE CANCER RISES RAPIDLY OF PROSTATE CANCER ARE FOUND IN MEN AFTER 50 OVER 65 Hit a Homer: Know Your Risk Thanks to advances in early detection and treatment, more men who are diagnosed with prostate cancer are surviving each year. RISK INCREASES ALL MEN ARE AT RISK WITH AGE. FOR PROSTATE CANCER THE LIKELIHOOD OF DEVELOPING PROSTATE CANCER RISES RAPIDLY AFTER 50 50 AFRICAN AMERICAN MEN ARE AT GREATER RISK OF DEVELOPING PROSTATE CANCER RISK IS PROSTATE CANCER MORE THAN DOUBLED FOR MEN WITH A FAMILY HISTORY (FATHER OR BROTHER) Hit a Homer: Don't Ignore Symptoms PROSTATE CANCER TYPICALLY PRODUCES NO SYMPTOMS UNTIL IT HAS SPREAD OUTSIDE THE PROSTATE. Some symptoms that might indicate prostate cancer or other diseases or disorders include: A NEED TO URINATE FREQUENTLY, DIFFICULTY BLOOD IN THE PAINFUL STARTING URINE OR SEMEN OR BURNING URINATION ESPECIALLY AT NIGHT URINATION WEAKNESS OR NUMBNESS IN THE LEGS OR FEET TROUBLE PAIN IN THE GETTING HIPS, BACK, AN ERECTION RIBS OR OTHER AREAS If you have any symptoms that concern you, don't delay in contacting your health care provider to discuss them. Hit a Homer: Get the Facts About Screening IT'S IMPORTANT TO SPEAK WITH YOUR DOCTOR ABOUT WHETHER YOU SHOULD GET A PSA TEST AND DISCUSS WHAT THE RESULTS COULD MEAN. Prostate-specific Digital rectal exam (DRE) antigen (PSA) A simple blood test This test sometimes reveals possible cancer when PSA test results are normal. That's why both are usually performed. If your test results arouse suspicion you may need to undergo further tests to see if the cause is cancer or something else. Prostate Cancer Game Plan There is no proven way to prevent prostate cancer, but screening to detect prostate cancer in its earliest stages before it causes symptoms may lead to more effective treatment. However, there is controversy among professional organizations regarding who should and who shouldn't get screened and treated. DISCUSS THE PROS AND CONS OF SCREENING TESTS FOR PROSTATE CANCER WITH YOUR DOCTOR Superions 40 AFRICAN AMERICANS, MEN WITH A FATHER OR BROTHER DIAGNOSED BEFORE 65 AND MEN WHO WISH TO ESTABLISH A BASELINE PSA FOR EARLY DETECTION SHOULD CONSIDER SCREENING AT AGE 40 You Make the Call JUST BECAUSE YOUR PSA IS ELEVATED DOESN'T MEAN YOU HAVE PROSTATE CANCER. AND EVEN IF YOU DO HAVE CANCER, THAT DOESN'T MEAN YOU NEED TREATMENT. DETECTION AND TREATMENT OF PROSTATE CANCER ARE HIGHLY INDIVIDUALIZED DECISIONS MADE BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR DOCTOR. Early Detection Is Key To Beating Prostate Cancer SOURCES American Cancer Society Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Mayo Clinic Prostate Cancer Foundation U.S. Food and Drug Administration Mount Sinai The Mount Sinai Hospital

Striking Out Prostate Cancer

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An estimated 28,170 men will die of prostate cancer this year. Know your risk, learn about symptoms, get the facts about screening, and develop a game plan.


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