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Stop Don't Pop: Understanding Acne

STOP NDERSTANDING ACNE IN GENERAL: ACNE IS A COMMON HUMAN SKIN DISEASE THAT I OCCURS WHEN THE PORES OF THE SKIN BECOME CLOGGED WITH OIL, DEAD SKIN CELLS, AND BACTERIA FACE 60 MILLION AMERICANS BACK HAVE ACTIVE ACNE CHEST of adult acne cases 80% 40% of those suffering from acne do nothing to treat it Occur in women of 11-30 year olds 75% will develop acne at some point in their lives of people seeking acne 90% treatment show 50% improvement in 3 months AFFECTS HAIR FOLLICLES ON THE FACE, CHEST AND BACK ТУРES. PREVENTION TIPS: EAT HEALTHIER FOODS Stay under the surface of the skin High-glycemic diet » increased insulin levels ». Cellular inflammation » WHITEHEADS Endocrine response leading to growth of pore-clogging cells and overactive oil glands » Omega-3 fatty acid is known to control production of leukotriene B4, which causes inflammatory acne (walnuts, flaxseed oil, salmon) Rise to the skin's surface and look black (not because of dirt) BLACKHEADS * EXERCISE DAILY* Small, tender pink bumps Exercise regulates hormone levels, delivers oxygen to skin cells, and carries cellular waste away #%!!%$!& FIND WAYS TO DEAL WITH STRESS #%!!%$!& PAPULES Stress » Increased glucocorticoid production » Abnormality in skin (Acne) Red at the bottom with pus on top zzzzzzzzzz GET MORE SLEEP zzzzZzzzzz PUSTULES Every hour of sleep lost increases psychological stress 14% Large, painful pimples deep in the skin HYDRATE FROM THE INSIDE OUT Having 2 cups of water greatly increases blood flow throughout the body and skin NODULES/CYSTS TREATMENT: PROCEDURES OUER-THE couerra MPICAL 1 OTIBIOTICS ORAL COMARCEPING PRESCRIPTION TOPICAL AND ORAL T MAIN CAUSES: LASER AND LIGHT | CERTAIN MEDICATIONS HORMONES. GENETICS ENVIRONMENT DIET STRESS COSMETICS. TOP 3 ACNE MYTHS SEE YOUR DERMATOLOGIST IF: Soda CHOCOLATE EATING CHOCOLATE & SODA CAUSES BREAKOUTS O Over-the-counter and self-care measures haven't helped after several months Your acne is getting worse OBSESSIUELY WASHING YOUR FACE PREVENTS BREAKOUTS Scars develop after acne clears up O One or both of your parents had severe acne and scarring POPPING PIMPLES MAKES THEM GO AWAY FASTER X en FOUR POINTS Brought to you by: DERMATOLOGY AUURIE I SIUJWIEIAS THERAPY TREATMENTS SSSSSSSC

Stop Don't Pop: Understanding Acne

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Who didn't look look in the mirror every morning throughout high school, praying, begging, pleading that their face would be free of blemishes. We've all been there, dealing with the dreaded acne. We ...


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