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Stomach Flu - Survival tips

STOMACH FLU SURVIVAL TIPS "Stomach flu" comes on fast and furious, like a really gross hurricane. Here's what to do when it hits. GET YOUR HEAD IN THE GAME It's okay to freak out a little bit-just know that it will all be over in about 24 hours RECOGNIZE THE SYMPTOMS FEVER STOMACH CRAMPS FATIGUE NAUSEA VOMITING DIARRHEA SET THE STAGE Keep clean towels and a plastic bowl handy for kids who can't make it to the bathroom Protect couches and carpeting with plastic garbage bags or a plastic tablecloth OFFER LOTS OF FLUIDS Give plenty of sips of water or electrolyte drinks made for infants and toddlers to keep dehydration at bay Anti-nausea medications like Nauzene Kids are okay; skip the anti-diarrhea meds and let the illness run its course CLEAN WHEN YOU CAN Frequent handwashing and cleaning any soiled linens, clothing, and floors helps prevent the spread of illness The CDC suggests using rubber gloves and a bleach solution to clean up poop and vomit START SOLID FOODS SLOWLY Think bland and easy-to-digest: rice, toast, bananas, or applesauce Avoid citrus and dairy, which can upset an already tender tummy Skip fatty or sugary foods; they're harder to digest CALL YOUR DOCTOR IF ... (24 :24: Blood or pus in stool, urine, or vomit Fever over Vomiting more than 24 hours Not 102F urinating UN-FUN FACTS The medical term for "stomach flu" is "Stomach flu" can be caused by viruses like rotavirus and "Stomach flu" (gastroenteritis) is not the same as the common flu gastroenteritis norovirus (influenza) Nauzene. Kids SOURCES

Stomach Flu - Survival tips

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"Stomach flu" comes on fast and furious, like a really gross hurricane. Here's what to do when it hits.


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