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Steps on How to Recover from Drugs and Alcohol Addiction

STEPS ΟN HoW TO RECOVER from DRUGS AND ALCOHOL ADDICTION Commitment to Change The first step to addiction recovery is deciding that you need to make a change. Change is never easy but it is possible when supported with dedication. Users must believe they can change for the better Identify personal values and beliefs Find inspiration to maintain sobriety long-term Realize that improvement is valuable Intervention An intervention is a systematically planned meeting hosted by family members and other concern people with the intention of convincing a loved one to accept help for their addiction. Know when to get involved Make the right approach ) Contact an intervention specialist Choose the Right Treatment Facility When looking for a treatment facility, you need to keep in mind that there is no treatment that is right for everybody. It is important to remember that there are certain essential factors to consider when choosing the right rehab. Accreditation Experienced and Board Certified Staff 24/7 Supervision of Medical Staff of the Rehab Facility Offers Fact-based. Individualized Offers Variety of Programs and Services Includes Initial Assessment Treatment Detox Detoxification is a process of removing trace toxins left by alcohol and drugs from the body. The type of detox depends on the level and length of drug abuse, but it's important to know that not all drugs require detox. Resting the organs through fasting Stimulating the liver to drive toxins from the body Promoting elimination through the intestines, kidneys and skin Improving circulation of the blood Refueling the body with healthy nutrients Rehab Treatment After a successful detox process, individuals are assisted through rehab programs where they will learn different skills to help them maintain sobriety. Residential treatment Sober Living Partial hospitalization Brief Intervention Intensive outpatient program (1OP) Counseling (Individual, Group, or Family) Enjoy Life After the completion of a recovery program, an individual is better prepared to live free from addiction. An abundance of treatment facilities are available to help people with substance abuse problem. Continue to avoid substance abuse triggers. Attend support groups and seek support from friends and family. Enjoy the new possibilities a sober life provides. SOURCES Tips/tp/10-Questions-To-Ask-When-Choosing-A-Rehabilitation-Facility.htm RecoveryExperts FIND THE BEST REHAB CENTER THAT FITS YOUR NEEDSI 国 000

Steps on How to Recover from Drugs and Alcohol Addiction

shared by recoveryexperts on Nov 22
Recovery from drug addiction can be a long process that requires support from the family and friends and a qualified team of professionals. Therefore, knowing about the right steps to recovery from ad...


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