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Steps to End Financial Stress Now

STEPS WOMEN CAN TΑKE ΤΟ End Financial Stress 68% of women lose sleep over money stress, as compared to 56 percent of men. The cost of stress Studies indicate that stress is responsible in some way for a whopping 70 to 90 percent of doctor visits Stress-related absenteeism, lost productivity and employee turnover cost U.S. companies more than $300 billion per year. 43 percent of adults say that stress causes them to lie awake at night, and more than 50 percent of adults report feeling sluggish or lazy after a night of little sleep. 25 percent of happiness hinges on how well you handle stress With the most important stress management strategy - Planning Steps women can take for managing stress: Recognize That You Are in Control Researchers have found two exercises help you feel more in control: Speak to yourself by name, rather than saying "I" or "me." This helps you be as smart and compassionate about yourself as you would be about a friend, and reduces negative self-talk. Recall a time you felt like you handled something like a boss, whether or not the situation was money-related. This will boost your confidence. Lean into Your Psychology The basics of money management have never changed: track your spending, increase your savings, and pay off debt. The best way to do these things, however, will often depend on how you personally react to money: If you want tracking done for you personal finance software like, Quicken, or can help you stick to their budget. If you don't want to track your spending at all have your paychecks deposited into a savings account, and only have the amount of money you need for monthly expenses transferred into your checking account each month. If you want to (productively) ignore your money automatic savings and budgeting apps can help. They save money for you and can help you define and reach your goals. Try Digit, Level Money, Pennies, and Rize apps. Save Up $1,000 Having money set aside in case of an emergency can ease moments of acute financial stress, like a surprise bill or a car repair. Adjust your withholding Request a new W-4 form from your HR department, and adjust the withholding allowances. Set up an automatic transfer of the increase into a savings account. Move $10 per pay period into savings Set up an automatic transfer from your pay. This will get you in the savings habit without feeling the pinch. Cancel unused subscriptions Consumers spend $14 billion per year on subscription services that they have forgotten they signed up for. Once you've cancelled, have the money you saved automatically transferred into savings. END FINANCIAL STRESS These tips are provided by Emily Guy Birken, author: NOW End Financial Stress Now Inr kp SCen le ie Imgrme T intal Oln EMILI GY BRA

Steps to End Financial Stress Now

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Financial Stress is responsible for keeping 68% of women up at night worrying, and it doesn’t have to be the case. Here are some simple steps women can take to reduce financial stress, provided by a...




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