Staying Happy and Healthy at Work

STAYING HAPPY & HEALTHY AT WORK Дn Sitting for more than 6+ HOURS can make you 18% more likely to die from diabetes, heart disease, and obesity than those sitting less than 3 HOURS THE STANDING DESK HOW TO HELP RELIEVE PAIN POINTS The best way to improve your health during office hours is to use a standing desk. Standing while working keeps you energized, focused, and productive. It's a win-win! O Neck Position screen to match natural gaze. GOOD POSTURE O Shoulder Keep tips of shoulders in line with the arch of your collar bone. 20" - 28" BAD POSTURE To Screen O Back Be aware of your posture. O Elbow Keyboard should be at or below elbow height. Keyboard at Elbow Height O Wrist DO NOT use your wrists to support your body! Hover just above the keyboard and mouse. O Hip, Knee, Ankle Use an anti-fatigue mat for extra support. It will keep your legs moving and thereby relieve pressure on your joints and improve circulation. Make sure to use a wide anti-fatigue mat USERS OF 87% 66% ADJUSTABLE More Energized More Productive STANDING DESKS 71% 62% REPORT FEELING More Focused Наppier THE SITTING DESK HOW TO HELP RELIEVE PAIN POINTS everyone can stand for a full workday or wheel a standing desk into their office. If you're stuck with an old-fashioned desk you can still do your best to make sitting less damaging on your body. Not O Neck Position screen to match natural gaze. O Elbow & Wrist Desk positioned to allow elbows and wrists to hover at natural GOOD POSTURE height. 20" - 28" O Back To Screen BAD POSTURE Try to hold a position slightly in front of your hips so that your lower back muscles are engaged. |--- Screen at Eye Height O Shoulder Tuck in shoulders to prevent hunching or over extending your muscles O Hip, Knee, Ankle Making sure your feet comfortably rest on the ground and finding a comfortable chair while maintaining a good posture on all of the above body parts will diminish any soreness. BEST HAND POSITIONS FOR TYPING GOOD GOOD Keep your wrists hovering just a few inches above the keyboard. Keep your arms at an almost 90% angle from your elbow to your wrists and palm. BAD BAD BAD Do not fray your hands inwards; it will Do not fray your Do not bend your wrists. Keep your arms, wrists, and palms parallel to the floor. Let your fingers bend to type. hands outwards; it will cause wrist pain. cause shoulder and neck pain. TIPS FOR A HEALTHY OFFICE LIFE Stand up and Get up and move! Take a walk, play ping pong, or do some bodyweight exercises like squats or pushups. Be sure to wear Find something around the office that will lower take a stretch comfortable and supportive shoes while standing! break every hour. stress, whether its playing with the office dog or a coffee break that helps you calmly collect. BIBLIOGRAPHY 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. ULTIMATE MATS 1-866-374-3756 ©2015 f----- III

Staying Happy and Healthy at Work

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Want to feel 87 percent more energized and 62 percent happier at work? The answer might be easier than you think: Get a standing desk! Not only does standing at work make you happier, it can make you ...


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