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The Staggering Cost of Stress on Business

THE COST OF STRESS ON YOUR BUSINESS Work causes stress for 83% of Americans An estimated 40% of workers say they are unproductive because of stress STRESS IMPACTS YOUR BOTTOM LINE Each year, job stress costs U.S. businesses an estimated $300 billion from: OFFICE LOST PRODUCTIVITY ABSENTEEISM TURNOVER 1,000,000 people are absent from work due to 40% of employee turnover is directly related to stress. $10,000 in lost productivity. stress every day. For the average company, turnover can cost almost 40% of earnings. Replacing an employee who makes $50,000/year costs on average STRESS HARMS RELATIONSHIPS, FOCUS AND CREATIVITY Employee sentiments in the past year: 14% 25% 18% felt like striking a have experienced some form of threat or verbal have felt like coworker. screaming. intimidation. Stress reduces focus Problem solving Stress overloads your and memory by ability declines more prefrontal cortex - the part of your brain that deals with working quickly from chronic stressed, resulting in repetitive activity. 25% memory. TOP 8 WORKPLACE STRESSORS AND SOLUTIONS Too Heavy A Workload/Unrealistic Job Expectations Low Salary Solution: Find a balance to keep leadership and employees motivated. Solution: Create mutual understanding of reasonable output and provide tools and training to meet expectations. PERSONAL WORK TIME TIME WORK HOURS Work Interfering During Personal or Family Time Long and Inflexible Hours Solution: Be aware of time employees spend at work and provide balance for optimal output. Measure results and outcomes, not time spent for happiness all around. Solution: Respect employee limits as long as employees work to achieve the company's desired results. Give advanced planning for extra hours needed or big deadlines. SKILLS. STATUS. PAY. Lack of Opportunity for Growth and Advancement Lack of Participation in Decision Making Solution: Provide a clear path for people to advance their skills, status, and pay. Solution: Build trust through transparency and thoughtfulness in your decision making and avoid rash decisions. Uncertain or Undefined Job Expectations Job Insecurity Solution: Set clear goals and how you will both measure success. Solution: Praise strong performance, let employees go that don't work towards improvement. PRESENTED BY: EnMast A BUSINESS OWNER COMMUNITY Sources: APA 2012 Stress In America Survey (graphic idea)

The Staggering Cost of Stress on Business

shared by enmast on Jan 29
Everyone knows that stress is not good for you. But what if I told you it’s not good for your business, too? When we’re stressed out, our body sends out stress hormones through our body, one of th...



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