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Sports Injuries 101

SPORTS MEDICINE What Is SPORTS MEDICINE? 101 • Medical care/treatment geared towards athletes • Focus on athletic injuries • Ex: concussions, ACL tears, stress fractures 3 TOP SPORTS INJURIES CONCUSSIONS Symptoms: Headache, dizziness, confusion, nausea Common in football, soccer, ice hockey Treatment: Rest, pain Caused by a blow to the head management OVERUSE INJURIES Symptoms: Chronic soreness, stiffness, limited motion Common for all athletes Caused by repetitive motion/over-training Treatment: rest, physical therapy ACUTE INJURIES Symptoms: Instant pain, swelling, bruising Breaks, sprains, and strains Common in contact sports: Football, wrestling O Treatment: cast/sling, Caused by sudden trauma ice, rest STAY IN THE GAME THIS FALL: BEAT SPORTS INJURIES 1. WEAR PROTECTIVE HEADGEAR AND PADDING 2. WARM-UP/STRETCH BEFORE ACTIVITY 3. MAINTAIN GOOD CONDITIONING 4. USE PROPER TECHNIQUES DURING PLAY 5. IF INJURED, DON'T RETURN UNTIL YOU'RE HEALED PROVIDED BY UBURBAN ORIHOPAEDICS SOURCES fitness_list.html ghschool/news?slug-yen-8904209

Sports Injuries 101

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Concussions, overuse injuries, and acute injuries are all common injuries experienced by athletes. Players can stay safe by wearing protective padding and maintaining good conditioning. Discover more ...


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