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The South American Herb Map

GBaldwin&Co PURVEYORS OF NATURAL PRODUCTSI SINCI 4 THE SOUTH AMERICAN HERB MAP 20 • G BALDWIN & CO. • SOUR SOP PASSION FLOWER SWEET BROOM ARROW ROT LEMON GRASS TONKA BEANS LEMON VERBENA ALOE VERA ACAI. , CAMU-CAMU VENEZUELA GUYANA GRAVIOLA SURINAME COLOMBIA FRENCH GUYANA CINNAMON GUARANÁ SUMA ECUADOR QUEBRA-PEDRA GRAVIOLA - CAMU-CAMU • MACA - MUIRA-PUAMA • PERU LUCUMA •SESA EYEH TONKA BEANS Cough, cromps, naugea PAU D'ARCO ACAI CAMU-CAMU fArthritis, ogthma, gloucoma BRAZIL MACA Memory, energy LEMON VERBENA • SUMA LUCUMA High blood pressure, diabetes BOLIVIA YERBA MATE. ACAI fArthritis, high cholegterol LEMON VERBENA Anxiety, ingomnio, fever GRAVIOLA YERBA MATE PARAGUAY GUARANA Weight loss, malorio. féver CHILE PAU D'ARCO Yeast infectiong, cold. flu YERBA MATE SUMA/ PFAFFIA PANICULATA Điabetes. skin conditions THE PACIFIC CORIANDER QUEBRA PEDRA Coldg, Kidney digorderg MUIRA PUAMA Impotence, mengtrual disorderg LEMON GRASS OCEAN BOLDO LEMONGRASS Stomach ache, high blood prossure YERBA MATE ARGENTINA YERBA MATE Rolieve allergies. improveg mood URUGUAY SOUTH ATLANTIC YERBA MATE GRAVIOLA Coughs, herpes YERBA MATE • CINNA MON Điarrhea, infections, flu OCEAN LEMON VERBENA BOLDO Efective hangover and upset stomach cure ALOE VERA Bowel diseases, inflammation, itching. stomach ulcers SWEETBROOM Đissolve Kidney stoneg, diabotes. haemorrhoids SOURSOP Fungol and bacteriol infections MINTHOSTACHYS VERTICILLATA PASSIONFLOWER fAnxiety, ingomnia ARROWROOT Integtinal problem CAYENNE PEPPER Rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis NUTMEG Ainti-depressant, aids digestion CORIANDER Naugen, toothachos SOURCES,

The South American Herb Map

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From Cartagena Colombia in the North to Tierra del Fuego deep in the Southern Straits of Magellan shared by Argentina & Chile; South America has given us much more than a colourful and controversial f...





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