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Sorting fact from fiction on self harm

SORTING FACT FROM FICTION ON SELF-HARM MYTH MYTH About 12% of young people in Australia report having self-harmed at some point in their life. "It's a fashion, trend or an 'emo' thing" Self-harm is when someone "Self-harm is an attempt at suicide" deliberately injures themselves. The most common type of self-harm among young people is cutting. FACT Most self-harm is a way of trying to cope, but those who self-harm are at higher risk of trying to end their life. FACT Self-harm is not a new behaviour associated with a certain subculture or 'trend'. Most self-harm is related to intense emotional pain, distress, or overwhelming negative feelings, thoughts or memories. For some young people self-harm is a 'once off event, but not for others. Over 50% of self-harm is repetitive. Some things you can do to help someone who is self-harming include: 5x Young people with depression or anxiety symptoms are 5 times more likely to self-harm Self-help strategies can be helpful and include: • Remain calm and try to be in control of your emotions • Ask them if they are okay • Support them to get help early • Recognise that self-harm might be their coping tool and don't expect them to stop today • Don't agree to keep secrets - if their safety is at risk, you may need to tell someone ΜΥΤΗ Talk with a trusted adult "If someone self-harms, they must have a mental illness or a personality disorder" MYTH "It's just attention seeking" Distract yourself e.g. exercise or hit a punching bag FACT Self-harm is a 'red flag' that suggests there may be underlying mental health problems that need to be addressed (e.g. depression, anxiety). FACT Most young people actually go to great lengths to hide their self-harm from others, rather than to seek attention. Try to do things that make you feel good e.g. write a diary or journal Getting professional support for the underlying distress might be helpful. If you're not ready to talk to someone you know about self-harm, contact headspace. 2 headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation

Sorting fact from fiction on self harm

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People who self-harm don't need to work it out alone and it is important to seek help early.


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