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Some Deaths Are Preventable

SOME DEATHS ARE PREVENTABLE The U.S. has the worst PREVENTABLE DEATH RATE 32% OF WOMEN 23% OF MEN under the age of 75 die from PREVENTABLE DEATHS under the age of 75 die from PREVENTABLE DEATHS The U.S. is improving its preventable death rate SLOWER than any other developed country. HOW THE U.S. MATCHES Natians UP TO OTHER DEVELOPED 1999-2007 PREVENTABLE DEATH RATES DROPPED: 18% 37% 28% 24% in in in for men in the U.S. France the U.K. Germany THE MAIN CAUSES OF PREVENTABLE DEATHS IN THE United States HEART DISEASE DIABETES CANCER HEART DISEASE - IS THE LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH IN THE U.S. DIABETES IS THE CANCER IS THE → 2ND - LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH. LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH. 600,000 people die of 49% 1 RISK FACTOR of Americans have at least HEART DISEASE every year in the US. associated with Heart Disease. On average smokers die 10 YEARS before non-smokers. $25 BILLION The U.S. will recieve from tobacco taxes and legal settlements in 2013. 19% of all U.S. adults were smokers in 2011. 25.8 MILLION Americans had DIABETES in 2011. 7 MILLION 215.000 Americans people had diabetes and DIDN'T KNOW IT. younger than 20 have diabetes. 1 OUT OF 3 preventable CANCER deaths are caused by: EXCESS WEIGHT POOR NUTRITION PHYSICAL INACTIVITY of cancer deaths are 50% PREVENTABLE. 580,000 CANCER RELATED DEATHS are projected t occur in 2013. of americans 18% are INJURED An estimated 200,000 PEOPLE during the course OF THEIR CARE. are killed by medical malpractice EACH YEAR. HOW MUCH PREVENTABLE, DEATH COSTS THE U.S. Evcry year $2.5 TRILLION Health Care $3 BILLION Medical Malpractice Payouts in 2012. $10 BILLION secondhand smoke costs in 2005 $108.9 BILLION Heart Disease Costs $174 BILLION Diabetes Care and Treatment K | | | | KATHERMAN BRIGGS & GREENBERG INJ uRY LAW

Some Deaths Are Preventable

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The United States has the worst preventable death rate of any developed country. It’s an alarming statistic considering the advanced nature of U.S. medical care. In the U.S., 32% of women under the ...


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