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Solutions for Success: Clear Instructions Can Benefit All Users

Solutions por Success CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS CAN BENEFIT ALL USERS Study results show that healthcare providers and caregivers have similar needs and desires-both want instructional materials that are easy to use and understand.1.2 See below to learn how medical device manufacturers can offer proven instructional design solutions. HOW DO CUSTOMERS LEARN TO USE DEVICES? "They do give you a bit of in-service, but then you look Live traininga at the manual to get a little more information." PROVIDERS Print instructions or package inserts G= Internet search12 CAREGIVERS Nothing additional • Trial and error? TAKEAWAY • Learning from others familiar with the Make training materials available through multiple channels. equipment? PROVIDERS CAREGIVERS 22 WHAT CONTENT IS MOST IMPORTANT TO DEVICE USERS? Overview2 and instructions Troubleshooting PROVIDERS information2 .... "I would like step-by-step instructions to 1 Contact use and care information a2 for equipment." CAREGIVERS • Obtaining replacement parts? • Precautions1 TAKEAWAY Contraindictions' • Storage information? • Meanings of alarms? • Assembly information? • How to clean? • Warnings' Prioritize placement of information necessary for initial device use. PROVIDERS CAREGIVERS WHAT FORMATS ARE MOST HELPFUL? R= G= PROVIDERS CAREGIVERS "I like having something quick and easy to use at the bedside." Quick reference Attached to or Online or on guidesa on equipment DVD/video12 ..... ... Pocket card' • Phone or home TAKEAWAY • PDA/cell phone' nurse support? Provide information in multiple formats to help meet the needs of different audiences. PROVIDERS CAREGIVERS WHAT HELPS TO MAKE INSTRUCTIONS EASY TO USE? GE Diagrams and pictures Color Large type .....I.... "Pictures help a lot. Words can be confusing." PROVIDERS CAREGIVERS • More white space' • Less technical • Table of contents? TAKEAWAY Checklists? language Incorporate design principles that make instructions easy to read, understand, and use. RE PROVIDERS CAREGIVERS References 1. RTI International. Medical Device Labeling for Healthcare Practitioners Focus Group Study. /HomeHealthandConsumer/HomeUseDevices/UCM335197.pdf. Accessed April 1, 2013. 2. National Family Caregivers Association. Consumer Survey: Feedback on Medical Equipment Labeling/ Instruction Information. Procedures /HomeHealthandConsumer/HomeUseDevices/UCM335198.pdf. Accessed April 1, 2013. First impressions can make all the difference when it comes to users feeling at ease when they use a product. Well-designed materials make for positive experiences-for healthcare providers learning to train patients, for caregivers overseeing safe and effective use, and for patients self-administering a medicine. So talk to us about our expertise in instructional design and health literacy. Contact Marissa Addalia, SVP, business engagement, at [email protected] or 908-379-2018. Clear by design. Clear by Design is a proprietary process to ensure that health literacy guidelines are used Clear by Design is a registered trademark of HealthEd Group, Inc. ©2013 HealthEd Group, Inc. Health Ed" to develop clear health communications for all individuals. Find out more at RAARA DIFFERENT DIFFERENT DIFFERENT DIFFERENT

Solutions for Success: Clear Instructions Can Benefit All Users

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Healthcare providers, caregivers, and patients all want instructional materials that are easy to use and understand. This infographic -- based on research from RTI International and the National Famil...


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