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Soldiers & Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

PTSD POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER PTSD is an anxiety disorder that can occur after you have been through a traumatic event. A traumatic event is some- thing horrible and scary that you see or that happens to you. During this type of event, you think that your life or others' lives are in danger. You may feel afraid or feel that you have no control over what is happening. After the event, you may feel scared, confused, or angry. If these feelings don't go away or they get worse, you may have PTSD. These symptoms may disrupt your life, making it hard to continue with your daily activities. All people with PTSD have lived through a traumatic event that caused them to fear for their lives, see horrible things, and feel helpless. Strong emotions caused by the event create changes in the brain that may result in PTSD. SOLDIERS DIAGNOSED WITH PTSD GENDER RACE AGE GROUP 69% White 17.1% Black 11.2% Hispanic 32.9% 18-24 29.9% 25-29 21.8% 30-39 15.3% 40-67 90.4% Male 9.6% Female 2.7% Other MARRIED RANK BRANCH 47-5% Never 40.1% Currently 12.4% no 96.9% Enlisted 3.1% Officer 73-4% Army 4.8% Navy 3.5% Air Force 18.3% Marines DEPLOYMENTS COMPONENT 63.4% One 36.6% Multiple 57% Active Dury 43% Nat. Guard/Reserve 4 TYPES OF PTSD Reliving the event - Bad memories can come back at any time, you may feel the same fear you did when the event took place, have nightbares, and feel like you're going through the even again. These are flashbacks. Trig- gers might include car backfires, seeing a car accident, and seeing news reports. Avoiding situations that remind you of the event - You may try to avoid situations or people that trigger memories. This may include staying away from movies that remind you of the event, or staying Overly busy, so as to not have to talk about the event. Feeling Numb - You may find it hard to express your feelings. You may not have positive or loving feelings, or you may not be interested in activities you used to enjoy. Hyperarousal - You may be jittery, always alert, and on the lookout for danger. This can cause you to sud- denly become angry or irritiable, have a hard time sleeping, have trouble concentrating, or fear for your safety. SOURCES: |

Soldiers & Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a serious disorder that many soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan are dealing with. PTSD is an anxiety disorder that can occur after you have been thr...


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