SMS for the NHS: The Cost of Missed Appointments

THE TRUE COST OF MISSED APPOINTMENTS 24 hours in the NHS Average number of patients dealt with by the NHS every 24 hours: 666,666 GP 18,904 outpatient appointments 32,876 GP appointments are missed every day The consequences @£$$% Staff Longer waiting list frustration £162 million wasted every year What else could the money be spent on? 23,691 years' London hospital ultrasound critical treatment patients fed parking 2,793 1 45,428 machines hospital for a year 17,052,63 1 85,263 birthing procedures 28,173 6,000,000 X-ray scans pairs of crutches hip replacements 655,870 ambulance call-outs 405,000 days' basic hospital care 981,818 MRI scans 7,043 nurses' or 2,347 GPs' annual salaries 230 years 27,000,000 sets of patient pyjamas 108,000 gallstone operations 108,000 extra people's care treatment general care of intensive NHS facts GP 2,300 hospitals 8,000 GP practices with: 372,000 154,000 specialist staff 36,000 147,000 doctors nurses managers Spending growth £109.721b £64.173b +70% 2003/04 2013/14 Net expenditure in 2013/14 was £109.721 billion - up 70% from £64.173 billion in 2003/04 The possible solutions: Cancellation FINE form missed online cancellation appointment fines SMS forms reminders SMS reminders The power of SMS 2nd SMS reminders One dental practice swapped 2nd class mail for Textlocal's SMS solution saving £2,100 88% £252 It cut annual costs from more than £2,100 to just £252 - a saving of 88% Sources: The Department of Health BBC NHS Wales NHS Careers Frimley Health - NHS Foundation Trust NHS - Portsmouth Clinical Commissioning Group The Daily Mail NHS England NHS Confederation South Central Ambulance Service text local Contact Us: ® M +44 (0) 1244 752 299 & Business Mobile Messaging CH

SMS for the NHS: The Cost of Missed Appointments

shared by jcoopervl on Mar 11
Delving into the true cost of missed appointments to the NHS and healthcare industry, the results are staggering. A whopping £162 million a year is wasted in the healthcare industry due to missed app...



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