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Smokers in the European Union

SMOKERS IN THE EUROPEAN UNION COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS BETWEEN THE NUMBER OF SMOKERS AND TOTAL POPULATION THE EUROPEAN UNION MEMBER STATES ABOUT TOBACCO... 22.6 % Tobacco use remains the leading preventable cause of death and disease in our HOW IS THE INDICATOR DEFINED? FI The indicator is defined as the SE 28% society. It is a major risk factor for diseases of the heart and 34.8% number of current tobacco smokers UK (EE among the population, expressed as a percentage of population. 26.7% blood vessels, chronic bronchitis and emphysema, IE LV 38.4% cancers of the lung and other diseases. 26.2% NL LT 37% 34% DK 38.9% BE 28.5% TOTAL POPULATION Austria (AT) Latvia (LV) Lithuania (LT) (number of inhabitants) PL Belgium (BE) Bulgaria (BG) Cyprus (CY) Czech Republic (CZ) Netherlands (NL) Denmark (DK) (1 million Luxembourg (LU) Malta (MT) LU 35.6% 1-5 million DE Poland (PL) Portugal (PT) Romania (RO) 5 - 25 million Estonia (EE) Finland (FI) 32.5% FR 25 - 50 million 26.1% CZ 30.9% France (FR) Slovakia (SK) Slovenia (SI) 50 - 80 million Germany (DE) Greece (GR) Spain (ES) Sweden (SE) > 80 million Hungary (HU) Ireland (IE) United Kingdom (UK) SK 27.6% Italy (IT) POPULATION SCALE (reference: size) AT 45.1% 33.9% ES IT SI 31% PT 18.7% 24.5% RO 44.5% 30.5% 1 million 5 million 10 million BG 40.1% PORTUGAL TOBACCO CONSUMPTION SCALE LESS SMOKERS (reference: percentage) GR мT 34.6% CY 26.2% 27.7% AUSTRIA MORE SMOKERS number of tobacco smokers (%) (0-100%) Note(*): No data (Luxembourg) FONT: EUROSTAT (The data come from national Health Interview Surveys (HIS) collected between 1996 and 2003)

Smokers in the European Union

shared by marisapassos on Sep 12
Comparative analysis between the number of smokers and total population of the european union member states. The indicator is defined as the number of current tobacco smokers among the population, exp...


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