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Smoke to Vapor: Behind the Shifting Trend

Smoke To VapOr BEHIND THE SHIFTING TREND INSTANTANEOUS DEVELOPMENT 2009 President Obama sign the tobacco control 2010 Act law Most people choose electronic cigarette than regular tobacco cigarette Sammuel Thomas von Soemmering report that tobacco smoking can cause cancer either SPAIN, In the field of Medicine, tobacco said to be good for treatment of nephritis, hemia, hysteria and colic. Dr. chewing or lip in pipe smoking. 1798 Electronic cigarette holds the idea of Hon Micheal Bemhard 2000 Valintini describe Lik and center these in Exotic in further 1500 remedies. development petum was discovered by Cabral 1948 Public health 1571 reported that lung cancer Columbus grown 5 times faster and a now discover tobacco "Certain Dried the common leaves" is a gift 1586 form of disease from the Tobacco at indigenous Plymouth smoking from pipes which lead to a sensation and tobacco arrives in english society. Arawaks. 1492 In SPAIN, roll of tobacco, 1530 precurser to the cigar comes 1499 popular into Amerigo Vespucci lower classes. noticed some American Indians carried dried leaves and powder which they mixed and chew in ther mouth, a kind of chewing tobacco. FACTS Smoking contributes to heart disease. It increase the risk of stroke by nearly 40% among men and 60% among women. 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 Ebfects of Smoking nicotine stained teeth, smell stinky Smokers' cough, develop bad breath and sometimes can't taste good food Stroke Blindness cause by Amblyopia Heart disease, sometimes lead to heart attack, and infraction Lung cancer, emphysema, Pneumonia Cancer of the wound heal longer Kidneys Yellow Fingers Ingredients found in cigarette also cause diabetes, risk of developing type-2 usually to adults SMOKE VS VAPOR tobacco burning produced irritating, stinky, and toxic carcinogenic vapor electronic cigarette is a rew device whichsubi mate the active ingredients. extremely heat breakdown chemicals and substances contains virtually zero particle and no tar produced that produced tar and higher carbon monoxide irritation of mouth, effected lungs and give a bad odor no second ha rd smoke, help people and environment around smoke have 4,000 active ingredients which lead contains highly, mild and no nicotine also to addiction smoke deliver illness vapor defver less injurious to hea lth CHANGE. It's time to make a CLOUD C.G

Smoke to Vapor: Behind the Shifting Trend

shared by TopMan on Sep 20
We want to advise people the harsh reality of smoking compared to e cigarettes/


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