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Sleep Tight

sieep Tight Sleep plays a hugely important role in ensuring children are happy, focused at school and - most importantly - healthy, but are the bedtime routines of children in the UK destroying their chances of a good nights sleep? What are the side effects of their nightly habits? Prepare to be surprised, shocked. and the findings of our childrens sleep survey- heartened by With older children I would definitely not recommend having electronics in the bedroom. I know for many it can be a space issue and the only area in the house, but have strict rules about when it can be used in the bedroom. I certainly would not encourage children to watch or play on screens before bedtime as it stimulates them, even if they say it doesnt. From Debbie Bird, editor of Baby World 10% Of Children drink caffeine before bed 87% Of Children have a bedtime Story read 3% d 0-3 4% d 4-7 26% of 8+ 90% of 0-3 98% f 4-7 69% of 8+ 24% Of Children Share their bedroom 26% d 0-3 25% f 4-7 19% f 8+ For children who are distressed at night there is a lovely exercise called rocking the monkey to sleep. Ask your on their tummy and get them to breathe deeply so their abdomen rises and falls, telling them it will help the toy 'to sleep. By doing this the cild is taking deep relaxing breaths to help them sleep. This is a great distraction activity and your child will feel more relaxed. child to put their favourite uddly From Netmums Health Visitor and sleep specialist Maggie Fisher Zz. Zz 17% Of Children sieepwalk 55% Of Children wake at leas+ once a night % f 0-3 19% f 4-7 21% f 8+ 68% f 0-3 Y% f 4-7 36% f 8+ ZZZ TUE WED THR FRI 6% Of Children have miSsed a day oF School/nursery Jue to tiredJness 5% f 0-3 6% d 4-7 11% d 8+ Consistency with bedtime routines is key, its also important that parents get their child up at the same time each morning to help to develop their vatural body dock, so a morning routine is important too. From Vicki Dawson at Child Sleep Charity 18% Of Children 55% Of Children 11% of Children have fallen asieep sweat Profusely use a Phone at School/nursery a+ night before bed 26% l1% 9% 53% 56% 52% 3% 39% d0-3 f4-7 of 8+ od 0-3 f4-7 d 0-3 d4-7 f 8+ 20% of Children use a computer/console before bed 5% f 0-3 16% d 4-7 57% f 8+ From my own experience letting children watch tv, play a computer or electronic game brain time to relax and this is why it can take longer to get to sleep or before bed makes them more hyper. It does not give their they have vightmares. From Brenda Cuby, publisher of The Green Familia 31% Of Children watch TV in their bedroom before bed 37% Of Children wet the bed 21% d 0-3 30% f 4-7 57% of 8+ 41% d 0-3 43% f 4-7 18% d 8+ Sieep facts: Exercise can be helpful for good sleep, especially when done regularly in the morning or afternoon and not too lose to bedtime. If you Zz reasons why you dont exerise regularly, add good sleep to a long list of should také the practice. up Watching 7 V, using the computer or daing work close to bedtime can result in poor quality sleep. will find you While alcohl can help put more ften if have it lot o sleep, at night. you awaken you A Naps are restorative and can especially if you havent slept wll the previous night. Hówever, aroid taking get to sleep t q ter Spm, as this could hinder your ability to help you in your day-to-day tasks, vight. Source: bttp://

Sleep Tight

shared by gorramscott on Oct 08
Sleep plays an important role in a child's development, ensuring they are healthy, happy and focused. This infographic shows the result of a survey about children's sleep habits, with some surprising results.


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