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The Sleep-Obesity Connection

Tired of gaining weight? The sleep/obesity connection. Brought to you by Sleep Junkies * Increasing scientific evidence tells us there's a strong link between lack of sleep and obesity !. Here are some of the ways that poor sleep habits can lead to weight gain. SLEEP DEPRIVATION 2Z YOUR BRAIN TRIGGERS HUNGER HORMONES YOUR BODY TEMPERATURE Sleep loss drives down leptin, a signals you're full, tricking you into thinking you're hungry when you're not.. A hormonal double-whammy decrease IS LOWERED Sleep loss can affect your thermoreg- ulation, lowering your core tempera- reduced and hormone that leptin causing energy fatigue. ture, expenditure more O CHUNGER It gets worse. Sleep loss increases grehlin, a hormone which signals that you're hungry, boosting your appetite. grehlin increase YOU HAVE MORE YOU CRAVE JUNK FOOD Sleep loss increases activity in the 'reward' centres of the brain, making you more likely to reach for unhealthy foods high in sugar, salt and fat. TIME TO EAT Time can sometimes be your enemy. You don't snack when you're sleep- ing! Extra hours awake increase the opportunities YOU FEEL MORE TIRED Sleepiness spurs inactivity. Lounging on the sofa is not going to help your weight problem. for food intake, 11pm lam 2am INCREASED CALORIES REDUCED ENERGY EXPENDITURE WEIGHT GAINO WHAT CAN YOU DO? - Practice good sleep hygiene: more sleep hygiene tips.. cafrne stick to regular sleep/wake times get plenty of natural daylight respect your internal body clock avoid stimulants before bedtime banish phones, laptops, TV from the bedroom Get regular exercise Maintain a balanced diet i • • • • • • FURTHER READING REFERENCES 1 Sleep and Obesity. Harvard School of Public Health 3 A Single Night of Deprivation Increases Ghrelin Levels Journal of Sleep Research Sleep 5 The Impact of Sleep Deprivation on Food Desire in the Human Brain. Nature Communications 2 Leptin Levels Are Dependent on Sleep Duration. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism 4 Short sleep duration and weight gain: a systematic review. Obesity. 6 An epidemiological study: sleep and life style factors in Japanese factory workers. Journal of Phys. Anthropology Brought to you by Sleep Junkies

The Sleep-Obesity Connection

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Can missing out on sleep make you fat? Whilst unhealthy food choices and sedentary lifestyles are the main reasons for being overweight, could there be a link between our increasingly sleep-starved 24...


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