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Sleep-Deprived in the U.S.A.: Sleep Apnea

SLEEP-DEPRIVED IN THE U.S.A. : SLEEP APNEA SLEEP APNEA: A U.S. EPIDEMIC 18 million Americans have sleep apnea 1 in every 15 people 1 in 50 people have undiagnosed sleep apnea 60 = Average number of times a sufferer wakes 400 = Average number of wakes, or apneas, up each hour per night WAKING UP TO SLEEP APNEA DANGERS SLEEP APNEA SUFFERERS ARE... 4 TIMES 3 TIMES more likely to more likely to have a stroke have heart disease (38,000 cardiovascular deaths tied to sleep apnea annually) 6 TIMES more likely to be in a fatal car crash OTHER RISKS: diabetes, depression, worsening of ADHD symptoms ШТ COULD Y OU HAVE SLEEP APNEA? REVIEW THESE RISK FACTORS: OBESE GASTROESOPHAGEAL REFLUX (GERD) 2 OVER AGE 40 NASAL OBSTRUCTIONS FAMILY HISTORY OF SLEEP APNEA MALE LARGE TONSILS LARGE NECK OR TONGUE • 17"+ for men • 16"+ for women SMALL JAW RECLAIMING REST SL EP APNEA SOLUTIONS Lose excess weight Avoid smoking Sleep on your side and alcohol Undergo surgical correction of nasal Use a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) device Mask delivers flow of air to open airway Use a mouthguard (TAP 3) Moves jaw forward to open airway obstructions Infographic provided by SOUTHPORT DENTAL SOUTHPORT DENTAL, P.C. Sources:

Sleep-Deprived in the U.S.A.: Sleep Apnea

shared by BrittSE on Jul 05
Solutions for sleep apnea include losing excess weight, avoiding smoking and alcohol, sleeping on your side, and using a special mouth guard. Take a look at this infographic from an Indianapolis famil...


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